What is Expansion Joint Repair?

Concrete expansion joints are essential parts of your concrete driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and so forth. These expansion joints allow the individual pads to move when the soil expands and contracts due to temperature and moisture changes. However, concrete expansion joints are susceptible to failure. The expansion joint can dry out and won’t absorb the stress. For your expansion joint repair in Houston, always turn to our experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions. We specialize in repairing and filling concrete expansion joints in slabs across Texas with our concrete leveling services. Read on to learn more about what expansion joints are and how vital they are in concrete applications.

What is the Purpose of Expansion Joints In Concrete?

The real purpose of expansion joints in concrete is to enable movement of structures caused by temperature changes. Like other materials used in construction, concrete expands and contrast in response to changing temperature and the expansion joints can safely absorb the temperature-induced expansion and contraction, preventing cracks and damages.

When Should You Use Expansion Joints in Concrete?

Expansion joints in concrete have to be used under the right conditions. When they are wrongly deployed, expansion joints can lead to other failures over time. Here are some special conditions that require the use of expansion joints:

  • When a concrete structure is constructed in coordination with materials that have shown expansion characteristics in the past
  • When the concrete is constructed while ambient temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • When a concrete slab exceeds 5 – 8 feet

Why Do You Use Expansion Joints in Concrete?

Expansion joints have to be used in concrete because, like most other materials, it is susceptible to temperature change. Since concrete slabs are bound to be exposed to environmental stressors (especially stresses of thermal expansion and contraction), there is a need to create expansion joints to take care of them as they respond to these stresses. By using expansion joints, the chances of concrete cracks and other damages can be minimized significantly.

Why are Expansion Joints Implemented in Buildings?

In many buildings, the expansion joint will accommodate movement caused by environmental stresses. While doing this, the expansion joint will also help the building elements to perform their functions such as waterproofing, resisting strong winds, air-barrier sealing, and more.

What is the Cost of Repairing Concrete Expansion Joint?

It is important to repair concrete expansion points early on if you notice a problem. When it is detected early, the cost can be a lot less than when enough damage has been done. Early repair can also save the building or concrete structure from other possible damages. The actual cost of repairing an expansion point, however, will ultimately depend on the area affected and how bad the damage is. One of our experts will visit your site to examine the issue. We will inspect the area in question and provide a fast, accurate estimate!

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