Many of us are having the problem of sinking driveway slabs with the dry spell we have experienced throughout the Summer. I returned from a 5 week trip recently and was shocked to see the poor state of my driveway. I started investigating options to fix the problem, starting with mud jacking and ending with complete replacement. My concrete slabs were not cracked, so I didn’t want to replace it (the most expensive option by far). I also disliked the visible aftermath of mud jacking. A week ago I went out on an errand and saw a team of men working on a neighbor’s driveway. I stopped and asked them if they could look at mine when they had a minute. Doug, the owner of Tilted Concrete Solutions, came to visit me shortly after and gave me a quote to level my driveway with polyurethane injections. I was a bit skeptical about the finished product, as I had seen driveways repaired through mud jacking, which is a similar concept, and had not been impressed. But considering the two slabs of my driveway were sunk a few inches and were a serious tripping hazard, and that the walkway leading up to my house was even worse, I decided to give Doug the OK to proceed. I’m glad that I did. Our driveway looks 100% better. The holes drilled for the polyurethane injections are much smaller than mud jacking, and we don’t even notice them. It is nice having a level driveway again. If you are suffering from the same problem I had, feel free to contact Doug. The cost was reasonable, especially compared to the potential replacement cost had we chosen that route. Thanks a lot Doug!