Does Your Space Need Insulation?

Many buildings don’t come insulated, and the responsibility of that important detail is left up to homeowners. There are many types of insulation, so leaving this work up to a professional to make the right choice is your best bet.

In order to fight off the humid and hot weather of the Houston area, Tilted Concrete Solutions uses a closed cell spray foam. Closed cell spray foam insulation is the most effective way to seal your space off from moisture, mold, mildew, and insects. Other types of insulation like fiberglass, can soak up moisture, whereas spray foam insulation does not. Spray foam insulation stops moisture, heat, and cold from seeping in which helps dramatically during both the summer and winter. Our spray foam is able to expand to fill out tight spaces, sealing off the smallest nooks and crannies.

 Benefits of Closed Cell Foam:

  • Airtight seal
  • Hydrophobic (keeps out & repels moisture) 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Helps protect the home during floods 
  • Helps keep stored equipment from rusting
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Helps with air quality inside the home

Closed Cell Spray foam is a great investment in your home and adds property value. Spray foam insulation lasts a lifetime making it a one-time investment that will begin paying for itself with energy savings. Spray Foam insulation creates an air-tight house that makes air conditioning & heating more efficient.  

As one of the most energy-efficient insulation methods, closed cell spray foam has a high R-value (the insulation materials’ capacity to resist heat flow) surpassing fiberglass and cellulose by over 50%. Spray foam insulation is ideal for homes, garages, and any other project requiring a thermal barrier with a high R-value. Spray foam insulation can be used in almost any application. Tilted Concrete Solutions has void fill foam, 3 Lb. foam, lifting foam for garages, poultry barns, boats, roofing, barges, homes, and warehouses. Tilted Concrete Solutions 2 Lb. A closed cell system has a built-in vapor barrier and has an R Value of 7.1 Per inch depending on the type of closed cell system.

The closed cell composition of the foam does not allow for any moisture to escape through it and minimizes heat transfer. So when should you use spray foam to insulate?


When To Use Closed Cell Spray Foam: 

  • Your electricity bill is too high due to AC or heat escaping
  • There is mold, mildew, or moisture in your space
  • Your vehicle is subject to harsh temperatures, making it uncomfortable to enter
  • You want a consistent temperature in your workspace 
  • Valuable equipment is stored in the building
  • The existing insulation in the space is 15+ years old or not insulated at all

Our experienced team will work with you, and your home, to create a unique plan to complete your insulation project seamlessly. We can perform these services in almost any space. If your space is a workspace or is used to store equipment, insulating is even more important.

All of our spray foam installers are certified and have gone through rigorous training. These professional installers will provide you with a job done right the first time!

Tilted Concrete Solutions serves the greater Houston area and we want to hear from YOU and see how we can help. Call for a free estimate today!