Over time, the concrete slabs in your driveway, sidewalk, and patio can sink, crack, or become damaged. This is often caused by soil tilt, water erosion, or heavy usage. At Tilted Concrete Solutions, we specialize in slab concrete repair in Richmond, TX. Our experts can repair cracked, damaged, or sunken concrete slabs in your driveway, sidewalk, and more. Our slab concrete repair in Richmond are provided using  various processes such as concrete raising, mudjacking, concrete leveling and so forth. No matter the extent of the damage, our experts can repair it.

Why Is It Important To Fix Concrete Slabs Immediately?

When there is problem with concrete slabs, it is advisable that it is fixed as soon as possible. This is basically because when it is not fixed in time, further damages are inevitable. Though concrete is very solid, it doesn’t hold up well when water infiltrate below. When concrete issues are not fixed in time, the damage becomes bigger, making it costlier and harder to handle. At a point, there may not be any other remedy than to demolish and pour new concrete which will be a lot more expensive. In the case of concrete repair, the saying that ‘a stich in time saves nine’ applies perfectly.

How Do You Fix Deep Cracks In Concrete Slabs?

Deep cracks in concrete slabs need serious attention. It is not often enough to just patch and seal them with concrete patching material. It will be important to know the major reason for the crack before determining the best way to fix it. Foundation cracks, for instance, will need to be repaired by polyurethane foam injection. Concrete control joints may be necessary in some cases too. Deep cracks are better handled by experts who will address the real cause of the problem through the appropriate concrete repair method.

How Do You Fix Sinking Concrete Slab?

Sinking concrete slab normally indicate that something is wrong with the foundation the concrete slab sits on. Soil erosion can be another major reason for this problem. Whatever is the cause of sinking concrete slab, the best way to repair it is to inject materials through drilled holes in the concrete slab. Depending on the material pumped into the hole, the process can be called mudjacking or foam injection/slab leveling. The latter is currently the major method used by most concrete repair experts. It involves injecting polyurethane foams to correct structural problems underneath the sunken concrete and also raise the concrete to its former level without adding any meaningful weight.

Can You Use Sealants for Cracks in Concrete Slabs?

Depending on the nature of the crack, you can use sealants for cracks in concrete slabs. There are flexible sealants that are designed for sealing concrete; you can use them in cracks you are sure are not indications of structural problems as they can’t really fix structural problems.

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