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A concrete sidewalk is a paved footpath that can be used by pedestrians. Over time, the sidewalk can become damaged, cracked, or sunken as a results of soil erosion, soil tilt, or heavy usage. At Tilted Concrete Solutions, we specialize in repairing cracked, sunken, or damaged driveway using innovative techniques. We offer sidewalk repair in Richmond TX using processes like mudjacking, concrete raising, concrete leveling and many more. We can repair both minor and major damages to your sidewalks.

What Can Cause Sidewalk Damages?

Sidewalk damages can cause a lot of troubles for individuals. Knowing the possible causes and taking steps to prevent them will be better for all. Here are the commonest things that can cause sidewalk damages:

  • Poor Foundation – a weak foundation or soil that is not adequately compact will not stand the test of time
  • Freeze-Thaw Deterioration – extreme weather will always take a toll on concrete structures and sidewalks can rupture and crack because of this
  • Soil Erosion – when there is washout of the soil supporting concrete sidewalks, damages are inevitable.

What Are The Signs Of Sidewalk Damages?

When sidewalks become damaged, there are some important signs you will notice. It is actually important to watch out for these signs in order repair sidewalks before they get too damaged. The signs include:

  • Cracks
  • Spalling (peeling of the concrete surface)
  • Crumbling edges
  • Aged and weathered appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of Sidewalk Repairs?

Sidewalk repairs has advantages over complete replacement in so many ways. Here are the most important benefits:

  • It is a cost-effective way to restore the sidewalk to a great condition
  • It is a quick way to fix a sidewalk and make it available for use
  • It is often a very neat procedure that doesn’t leave much mess
  • It is a quick and easy way to correct the real cause of the problem and prevent further damages
  • It is an environmentally-friendly procedure that doesn’t disturb the soil.

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Sidewalk?

One of the major advantages of sidewalk repair is that it offers a quicker way to fix sidewalks. The time it will take will depend on the size of the area that has been affected and the extent of the damage that has been done. In most instances, the damaged sidewalk can be fixed in few hours. It may take a day or two when the damage is big.

How Much Does It Cost To Mudjack A Sidewalk?

Mudjacking a sidewalk is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your sidewalk. The overall cost of your sidewalk repair in Richmond TX will depend on the damaged area as well as the severity of the damage. One of our qualified experts will visit your site to examine the problem before drawing a cost estimate.

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Sidewalk Repair Richmond Tx

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