sunken sidewalkAre you tired of looking at an uneven driveway, sidewalk, or patio? Are you concerned that you or a guest may trip and get hurt on your sinking pool deck? Sinking concrete can be more than just an eyesore — it can also be a liability hazard on your property, exposing you to fees and fines from your HOA, or worse, a lawsuit from someone injured while on your property. Whether your concrete is sinking inside or outside of your home, the experienced concrete levelers at Tilted Concrete Solutions have the fix for you!

Professional Concrete Levelers

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lifted sidewalk

We are a leading name in concrete lifting, concrete leveling, and polyjacking in the Greater Houston area, and we proudly serve the Pasadena community! Our expert knowledge, friendly staff, and cost-effective approach have helped locals restore peace of mind and beauty to their property. Take a look at a few of the many services we offer:

Don’t see your particular concrete concern? Contact us today — we would be happy to discuss your individual concern and arrange for a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate from one of our concrete lifting experts.

Superior Work Product

Regardless of whether your concrete surface is a solid slab or made of cement tiles, we’re confident we can repair the damage. Additionally, we’ll provide an industry-leading two-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. We are proud to offer an environmentally-sound process that can prevent your concrete from settling again in the future. If you’re curious, check out our gallery of before and after photos to see examples of our quality workmanship!

Pasadena Concrete Levelers

If you’re in the Pasadena area and in need of professional concrete lifting services, we would love to help you out! With Tilted Concrete Solutions, you can count on knowledgeable contractors to provide efficient and long-lasting solutions for your sinking or settling concrete. Give us a call today — we can’t wait to work with you!

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