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When you look out your window, are your eyes drawn to a sidewalk or driveway that is uneven or settling? Have your guests commented on how your pool deck appears to be sinking in areas? If you’re in the Missouri City area, you’re in luck: Tilted Concrete Solutions is an industry leader in sinking concrete repair and we can help you achieve beautiful, level concrete surfaces around your property, inside and out. Contact our team of professionals today to see the many ways we can restore functionality, safety, and beauty to your property!

Level Concrete Efficiently and Effectively

Interior and Exterior Sunken Concrete Repair

We understand that uneven concrete may not be limited just to your driveway or cement foundation. Our team of experts provides professional services for interior concerns as well as exterior concerns. To see before and after photos of our completed work, check out our gallery. We can help you:

  • Level concrete interior foundation slabs to prevent uneven door jambs and wall cracks.
  • Lift your sunken driveway for easier garage access.
  • Raise a sunken patio and porch to mitigate improper drainage and tripping hazards.
  • Level settling sidewalks to restore the curb appeal of your home.
  • Provide a uniform and smooth pool deck to enhance your recreational time and prevent injuries.

If you don’t see your particular sinking concrete issue listed here, please contact Tilted Concrete Solutions! Our friendly staff is always happy to review each individual situation for Missouri City residents and arrange for an inspection and estimate for concrete leveling and cement repair.

Preventative Restoration

At Tilted Concrete Solutions, we understand that a proper concrete lifting job goes well beyond just appearances. In order to properly address sunken concrete, you must locate the source and cause of the issue and provide a long-lasting solution to avoid a recurring problem in the future. With traditional mudjacking, a mortar-based compound is injected below the surface to lift concrete slabs. While this may be a reasonable repair option, it does not typically result in a lasting repair because it doesn’t prevent erosion from occurring again in the future. Our team of cement repair professionals combines the past practice of mudjacking with more modern and durable materials. When we perform sunken concrete repair, we inject an expanding polyurethane foam beneath the surface that is eco-friendly, lightweight, and waterproof. This method will ensure a long-lasting repair for your most important investment.

We Level Concrete in Missouri City!

If you’re tired of looking at unsightly, uneven, and unsafe concrete, don’t settle for just any cement repair or mudjacking company. Your property is your number one investment and you deserve repairs that will last throughout the years. Contact Tilted Concrete Solutions today for an estimate on quality, preventative sunken concrete repair that you can count on. We look forward to helping you out!

Driveway & Sidewalk Leveling

Sunken driveways and sidewalks not only decrease your curb appeal, but also create trip hazards. Our expert team can level your driveway or sidewalk and replace the expansion joints for a fraction of the cost of full replacement or repouring.

Swimming Pools & Pool Decks

Stop stubbing your toe! Your backyard should be an oasis, not a trip hazard waiting to happen. We not only lift pool decks, but entire swimming pools as well! Trust Houston’s #1 concrete leveling company to get your pool area back in top shape!

Patios, Porches, & Stairs

Does your patio have unlevel concrete? Are your stairs higher than they used to be? Well, it’s probably time to get your concrete leveled by the experts! Our proprietary foam and unique process are specifically tailored to Houston soil.

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