Tripping Hazards Threaten Community Safety With Potentially Life-Altering Injury

Concrete Walkways Need To Be Leveled

Raised or sunken concrete classified as a “tripping hazard” may make certain pathways impassible for individuals with disabilities or impairments. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) defines a tripping hazard as any crack or joint in a concrete walkway with a vertical change of over  ¼ inch.  Whether it be out in front of your home, your business, or even a driveway or parking lot, if the hazard is present on your property, you are more than likely liable! While tripping hazards are a significant obstacle for the general public, the elderly, young, and people with disabilities are especially vulnerable. Even a bicyclist not paying enough attention to their path may be in danger of a fall from one of these hazards. Don’t get caught with an enormous legal expense, concrete leveling by Houston’s experts can help take care of this problem!

Don’t Get Blindsided With Legal Litigation. 

The NSC states that in the United States, over a million individuals suffer a slip, trip, or fall injury in an average year. If a property owner is found liable for failure to properly maintain safety regulations regarding concrete pathways and bodily injury occurs to a pedestrian due to negligence, legal actions may be taken against them. Polyjacking concrete slabs on home or business properties will limit the risk of this happening.

Business Owners Can Rest Easy With Tilted Concrete

There’s no doubt that businesses have plenty of expenses to deal with already. When it comes to the cost of a parking lot, walkway, or pathway concrete lift versus legal litigation from an injury lawsuit on your property, however, there is no comparison. Be a proactive business owner, save yourself some money in the long run, and keep your commercial properties safe with proper upkeep. Let Tilted Concrete’s experts level your concrete slabs back to regulation levels. 

Protect Your Loved Ones From A Potentially Life-altering Injury

Family, friends, and other loved ones are the most important aspects of many people’s lives. Help keep them protected while they come to visit you by making sure your household is as safe as possible. As family members get older or the family grows with young ones, new challenges arise in ensuring that potential risk can be minimized or altogether averted. Fixing concrete walkways and pathways is a great way to help make that happen. Get a free walkway or pathway concrete leveling estimate today!

Tripping Hazards On Your property Could Put Grandma In The Hospital. 

If you’re planning on having any relatives over this holiday season, it may be in your best interest, and theirs, to repair all walkways and pathways with concrete leveling by Houston’s experts. Don’t let the rest of the family call you out for cutting corners and not making everything in the house safe for a visit from grandpa/grandma or baby Jack/Jill. No one wants to spend any time in the urgency or emergency rooms, especially this time of year. Family gatherings should be all about making joyful and positive memories, not potentially scary situations and concrete leveling is an easy and affordable solution

Driveway & Sidewalk Leveling

Sunken driveways and sidewalks not only decrease your curb appeal, but also create trip hazards. Our expert team can level your driveway or sidewalk and replace the expansion joints for a fraction of the cost of full replacement or repouring.

Swimming Pools & Pool Decks

Stop stubbing your toe! Your backyard should be an oasis, not a trip hazard waiting to happen. We not only lift pool decks, but entire swimming pools as well! Trust Houston’s #1 concrete leveling company to get your pool area back in top shape!

Patios, Porches, & Stairs

Does your patio have unlevel concrete? Are your stairs higher than they used to be? Well, it’s probably time to get your concrete leveled by the experts! Our proprietary foam and unique process are specifically tailored to Houston soil.

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