In the past, mudjacking was the best way to fix sinking concrete stairs, driveways, sidewalks, etc. However, mudjacking doesn’t always completely solve the problem. At Tilted Concrete Solutions, we use an innovative process featuring an expanding polyurethane foam to provide professional, long-lasting cement repair services. We also provide an industry-leading two-year warranty on all work performed. Check out some of the concrete jacking services we provide, then contact us for your no-cost, no-obligation evaluation and estimate!

Pool Deck Repair

If you have a pool deck that is uneven and unsightly, this can create a hazardous situation for friends, family, and other guests on your property. We provide cement leveling procedures that can restore the beauty of your pool deck.

Interior Slab Leveling

If you’ve noticed separation or cracking in your drywall around doorways, windows, or other areas, you may benefit from our slab leveling cement repair. This process restores beauty and integrity to your slab.

Expansion Joint Repair

Are the expansion joints in your driveway worn out or broken? When expansion joints are damaged, they cannot function properly, which may result in unwanted water entering underneath your slab. This can actually cause concrete to heave and sink. Contact us to discuss our expansion joint repair options.

Pool Lifting and Leveling

Not even pools are immune from the forces of gravity. If you’ve got a pool that has sunk, either partially on one end or entirely, our concrete jacking services can be applied to pools, lifting them up and restoring their sparkling beauty while preventing damage to plumbing and seals.

Commercial Cement Leveling

In addition to residential services, we provide commercial cement repair services. From commercial parking lots to walkways and patios, our team can return your slabs to their level, safe condition.

Don’t put up with unsightly, uneven, and unsafe concrete slabs any longer! Trust your property to the experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions! We look forward to working with you to restore beauty, safety, and functionality to your cement surfaces!