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At Tilted Concrete Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing well-detailed and highly professional concrete leveling in Rosenberg, Texas. Our state-of-the-art concrete levelling techniques offer a fast, cost-effective, and less invasive method of raising and stabilizing concrete slabs. Whether you need sidewalk repairs, concrete driveway repair, or other concrete leveling services, you can always count on our experts to get the task done excellently and professionally.

What Is Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling is a term used in civil engineering to refer to the procedure of correcting an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation the surface sits upon. It is an effective means of lifting uneven, sunken, or cracked concrete, and is a cheaper alternative to having replacement concrete poured. It is commonly performed in residential and commercial buildings, as well as infrastructures like roads, highways, and airports.

How Does Concrete Leveling Work?

Concrete leveling utilizes high-density polymers to stabilize and level concrete. Polyurethane foam is lightweight and durable, and can lift sunken concrete back to its original level without added weight. The procedure works according to the following steps:

  • Penny-sized holes are drilled in the concrete slab
  • Foam injection ports are installed in the holes
  • Polyurethane foam is injected at high pressure to support and level the concrete slab
  • The drilled holes are patched and smoothed after leveling.

What Is the Difference Between Mudjacking and Concrete Leveling?

Traditional mudjacking is very different from concrete leveling, though they both involve pumping materials into drilled holes to achieve the same result of lifting sunken concrete. Mudjacking involves the use of sand and water infused with a small amount of Portland cement for solidification while concrete leveling (polyurethane concrete raising) involves the use of liquid polymer foam. The mixture used in mudjacking is very heavy while polyurethane is very light.

What are the Advantages of Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling through the pros at Tilted Concrete Solutions has so many advantages, including:

  • Long-lasting concrete lifting and leveling
  • Soil stabilization (vital for Texas soils!)
  • No effect on landscaping
  • No demolition needed
  • Less invasive method of concrete lifting
  • Lightweight solution to uneven concrete
  • A fast and reliable technique
  • A cheaper alternative to concrete replacement
  • An environmentally friendly solution.

How Much Does Concrete Leveling Cost?

Concrete leveling is a lot cheaper than having sunken or cracked concrete replaced. The actual cost of the project will depend on different factors including the dimensions of the sunken or damaged area and the depth the concrete has settled. Our experts will have to look at what needs to be done. With this, we will come up with the ideal estimate.

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Our experts will handle your concrete leveling project with a high level of dedication. We will raise and stabilize the concrete slab while preventing potential sinking or cracking. We guarantee you excellent services!

Driveway & Sidewalk Leveling

Sunken driveways and sidewalks not only decrease your curb appeal, but also create trip hazards. Our expert team can level your driveway or sidewalk and replace the expansion joints for a fraction of the cost of full replacement or repouring.

Swimming Pools & Pool Decks

Stop stubbing your toe! Your backyard should be an oasis, not a trip hazard waiting to happen. We not only lift pool decks, but entire swimming pools as well! Trust Houston’s #1 concrete leveling company to get your pool area back in top shape!

Patios, Porches, & Stairs

Does your patio have unlevel concrete? Are your stairs higher than they used to be? Well, it’s probably time to get your concrete leveled by the experts! Our proprietary foam and unique process are specifically tailored to Houston soil.

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