It can be stressful watching your once-beautiful concrete slab begin to crack and sink. If you’re looking for help in leveling sinking concrete in Houston, then this is the right blog page to start with! Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to deliver the best slab-leveling services possible, relying on our locally formulated polyurethane foam to expand and provide a stable lift. Check back here often, as our team will continue to add content including maintenance tips, signs of trouble, the value of our Texas-based polyjacking, and more!

  1. The Top Signs You Are Working With A Quality Concrete Leveling Company

    Over the years, you may have noticed that some of your concrete slabs are beginning to sink or settle. Swimming pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, and more are all at risk of suffering from uneven surfaces resulting from movement in the subgrade below. Instead of living with these cond…Read More

  2. Commercial Trip Hazards And The Benefits Of Our Concrete Leveling Services

    Running your business and keeping it in good condition is a big task. Entrepreneurs all across Texas take on the challenge of balancing every element of their establishment, from inventory management to property maintenance. It can be hard to find enough hours in the day to take care of everything! …Read More

  3. Residential Trip Hazards, Insurance, and Concrete Leveling

    As a homeowner, you take great pride in keeping your home looking great. From keeping your lawn and garden trimmed and pristine to keeping the interior neat and tidy, maintaining your home properly ensures its beauty will last for years to come. Safety is just as important, and if you have sinking c…Read More

  4. Could Oversaturated Soil Be to Blame for Your Sinking Concrete?

    Have you started to notice that you have sinking concrete surfaces around your Houston-area home? If so, there is a possibility that the soil around your property is oversaturated. This can be a common problem in our region given our high water table and unique clay composition soils. When you need …Read More