This Brutal Texas Winter Could Teach Us A Thing Or Two

Mar 9, 2021 | Blog, Cement Leveling Houston, Seasonal, standing water, Travel

Texas residents have their power back on, finally, but this brutal winter doesn’t look like it’ll be going away, completely, quite yet. Subfreezing temperatures are still expected for much of Texas and even the Houston area might continue to have some uncommonly frigid nights and slick mornings ahead. This Texas winter may well go down in history as one of the harshest on record. That doesn’t mean, however, that measures shouldn’t be taken in the future to avoid the hardships brought on by this disaster.

As millions start to get back to their relatively normal day to day way of living, we have to ask ourselves what are some things that you as a homeowner can protect yourself and your loved ones from going through many of the unforeseen obstacles Texans had to face, mid February of this year. If you live in Galveston then it’s likely you know what we’re talking about. Rolling blackouts left millions without power and were stuck inside cold houses with nowhere to go with considerably treacherous streets. It’s important to look back now that things are starting to warm up a bit and think about ways to avoid disasters like this in the future.

cropped view of girl with blanket warming up with heater in cold room
Stay warm this winter no matter what the weather throws your way

Important Steps Taken To Winterize Your Home

Many Houstonians are thinking back, asking themselves, what they could have done to further protect themselves and their families from the seemingly sporadic nature of random winter storms taking the city of Houston and the state of Texas by surprise. Things like insulating your home and attic can help not only keep your home warm in the winter but also maintain a cool temperature during the summer. If you don’t have the proper insulation in your home then it’s likely you’re wasting money on energy bills and causing discomfort in your home from poor temperature control practices.

Keeps Yourself Warm No Matter The Weather

The area certainly was not fully prepared for dealing with a cold spell such as this. The mishandling of preparations to deal with such an unlikely event is unfortunate, to say the least. Blame can be placed on whatever party you see responsible but what will that really do for you? Helping yourself out by buying a generator is definitely a way to take matters into your own hands and make sure you’re ready for the strangest of circumstances. Generators, alongside space heaters, will ensure that you’re truly ready for the next big winter storm. 

Slips And Falls Can Cost Property Owners Big

Making sure your property is ready to weather the cold by maintaining your concrete slabs including sidewalk and driveways is also important. If water is pooling on uneven concrete slabs then freezing temperatures could create slipping hazards that could send a loved one to the hospital. If a walker or jogger happens to slip and fall on the sidewalk or driveway in front of your house then you may be liable. Make sure you don’t get tripped up financially from legal action taken against you. Fixing those uneven concrete slabs could end up saving you money in the long run if someone does decide to sue.

Houston’s premier concrete leveling service is working overtime to make sure your concrete surfaces aren’t collecting water to freeze over and create slipping hazards. The experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions will efficiently and effectively get your concrete slabs back to even levels so that you can rest a bit easier next time you’re out in the freezing temperatures taking a stroll or drive. Call us today for a free inspection and quote on getting your residential and commercial concrete walkways and driveways. Don’t allow frozen puddles to form on your property, get your concrete slabs back to optimal condition with Tilted Concrete Solutions Houston.

Bursting Pipes Can Cause Interior And Foundational Damage

This isn’t the most likely of circumstances so other unlikely and unfortunate events may also be occurring. Waterline repair caused by bursting pipes in your home can be one of the most costly of these occurrences. The plumbing and pipes themselves are one thing sure but interior and structural damage could be way more of a financial burden than you could imagine. Waterline excavation, as you can imagine, isn’t cheap and could put you in a financial hole, no pun intended.

If any of these horrible events befall you and your home then you’ll probably be wishing you’d have taken preventative actions to avoid disaster. FEMA may help some out with the cost of this Texas winter disaster if you don’t have homeowners insurance, but don’t count on it. Instead, bet on doing everything you can so the next time one of these ever-so-frequent freak storms hit, you’re ready. 

  • Get your home insulated to best avoid pipes freezing. Keeping heat inside of a building for a longer period of time will help ensure you don’t get blindsided by bursting pipes in the middle of the night.
  • These may be in short supply at the moment but a portable generator is crucial to making sure you have power still when the power goes out. If the power companies can’t provide then your next best option is to provide for yourself.
  • Standing water next to or close to your home’s exterior could become an interior or subterranean issue. Make sure water drainage is properly established on your property to avoid damage.
bursting pipes can cost big money and cause huge damages

Lesson Learned? Be Prepared To Expect The Unexpected

It’s easy to look back in hindsight and think to yourself that things should have and could have gone very differently when unforeseen circumstances occur. Let this Texas winter be a reminder that disaster strikes when we least expect it. The next time disaster strikes, are you going to have another one of those moments where you’re kicking yourself after the fact because you didn’t take all the precautions to come out on top? If you think that insulation or alternative sources of energy and heat are important in keeping your home comfortable no matter the weather outside then you’re well on your way to learning an important life lesson. 

The world will not hold back for your benefit so make sure you have it beat around every twist and turn life can throw at you. If you or a family member fell and hurt themselves due to ice on your property this winter then maybe those seemingly random events can also be averted by simple fixes. Get those puddles of water off your concrete so that those accidents are a thing of the past. Tilted Concrete Solutions will have your driveways, patios, pool decks, and sidewalks standing water and ice-free for the rest of this winter with a professional, affordable concrete leveling service. You may just look back and wonder why you hadn’t gotten it done sooner.