The Houston Rainy Season Is Here And Summer Monsoons Are Causing Widespread Flash Flooding

Jun 10, 2021 | Blog, Concrete Leveling Houston, Driveway Leveling, Seasonal, standing water

Houston and the surrounding metro area gets an average of around 32 inches of rainfall each year but around 15% of that, or 4.8 inches, falls in June alone. Well, what can you expect for this June? With May storms hitting harder most years, with around 11 inches falling this year, it is likely that Houston’s wettest month could break yearly averages before the first half of 2021 comes to a close. The rainy season means more water runoff and more erosion occurring underneath your concrete slabs. 

As we’ve already seen this past month, with more than a few massive storms sweeping the area, the season for flash flooding and pooling water is here; and it’s not clear whether or not the worst of it is yet to come. Make sure you’re prepared with preemptive measures and up to date maintenance. Help guarantee that more heavy rains this summer won’t cause preventable damage to your property!

Experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions filling a void under a concrete sidewalk slab

Voids From Soil Erosion Can Cause Trouble Under Your Concrete Slabs

With heavy rainfall comes flash flooding and pooling. That is no surprise to most people, but the effects that water could be having to your property can definitely be astounding. Fast moving water runoff from a heavy downpour and the corresponding water pooling allows for foundational soil to become saturated with water and allows erosion to occur. 

Frequent storms with large rain totals will accelerate this process and, with over half of the days this May seeing some amount of rainfall in the Houston area, you can bet that soil erosion is currently and will continue to be widespread. The runoff from the bigger storms are likely to be moving soil around underneath your concrete slabs and when enough dirt is displaced, you’ll be looking at significant voids or pockets forming.

If left undealt with, this problem will get worse at an accelerated rate. Before long you’ll be seeing cracks forming all along your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patios and other outdoor concrete surfaces. Don’t let this happen to you! Secure your concrete slab’s expansion joints, fill the voids under your sinking slabs, and don’t worry about what these heavy rain totals mean to your property’s well being.

Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Runoff And Groundwater Erosion 

There are a few simple steps you can take to help avert water away from your house and concrete surfaces to avoid the damage caused by running water. Make sure you keep an eye out for any areas around the house that may benefit from some of these actions that could end up saving you money on maintenance in the long run.

  1. Divert Water Underground
  2. Improve Yar Grade
  3. Clear Water From Flooded Concrete Surfaces
  4. Consider A Dry Well
  5. Get A Sump Pump
  6. Create A Rain Garden

Another important thing to remember is that pooling water can also be very bad for concrete slabs. Sinking and settling is likely to occur when foundational soil underneath concrete slabs is left to sit and soak in pools of water day in and day out.

Pooling Water Are Breeding Grounds For Pests

When summer hits, so does the humidity. Unfortunately for us Texans, that means mosquitoes will soon be swarming. If you have pooling water from excess precipitation this summer and you aren’t dealing with it then it’s likely that the swarms of mosquitoes and other harmful, disease carrying insects, might be much worse than need be. Get rid of your pooling water and make sure you and your family aren’t being bothered and bitten by mosquitoes all summer long!

Don't allow to Mosquitoes to take over this summer. Deal with standing water at the source.
Adult Mosquito emerging from water in a stagnant pond with larvae and pupae.

Expansion Joint Repair 

Concrete slabs expand and contract naturally due to environmental conditions and temperature changes. This constant and steady process, although slow, over time may end up revealing gaps between slabs that aren’t properly sealed and allow the elements into the soil underneath slabs. The bigger the gaps, the more water is able to seep into those openings and cause many of the problems previously discussed. 

Our special silicone joint filler provides flexibility and durability to accommodate the constant expansion and contraction of concrete slabs. Other outdated materials such as wood and vinyl wear down and break up at an accelerated rate. They just aren’t reliable! Seal those slabs with expansion joints to make sure you won’t be needing to even think about repumping underneath your level concrete surfaces anytime soon. 

Do It Yourself Void Fill

If you’re more of a DIY kind of individual, it’s understandable that you might think something like concrete leveling is just like all the other tasks that didn’t take much more than a little research & elbow grease to get done. It’s likely that the more doable solutions you’ll find online for filling voids aren’t long term solutions and will need to be repeated over and over until eventually you will have no other option but to get the job done professionally. Don’t waste your time, effort, or money. Our expert team does this work day in and day out using our custom made polyurethane foam formulated specifically for Texan soil.

DIY projects can be tricky. Avoid a major FAIL and consider using the professionals this summer
DIY projects can be tricky. Avoid a major FAIL and consider using the professionals this summer

Experts At Tilted Concrete Makes Concrete Leveling Painless

Hiring a professional service usually means you can count on getting the job done right, right? Not necessarily. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. The experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions have a proven track record of excellent service and amazing results. If you don’t want to worry about your shifting, sloping, sinking or settling concrete slabs for the long term, give us a call today. Providing premier, reliable, and affordable concrete leveling and repair services to the Sugarland, Pearland, Cinco Ranch and Greater Houston areas. 

Get It Fixed Now Before It Gets Worse

That pooling water or sinking slab will only get worse. If you have deteriorating conditions underneath your concrete driveways, sidewalks, or outdoor patios, don’t put off a concrete leveling inspection and service from Houston’s most trusted experts. Getting these issues fixed early will save you in the long run and avert more invasive procedures. Don’t wait, pull the trigger and contact us today!