Sinking Patios Happen. Lift And Level Your Concrete Patio Slabs

Sep 25, 2021 | Blog, Cement Leveling Houston, Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

Having a concrete patio in the backyard is great for relaxation after a long day or week. If your backyard concrete patio appears to be sinking, however, those relaxing moments can feel more like a frustrating balancing act. As the concrete slabs making up your patio begin sinking to different levels it becomes more and more difficult to relax in a chair that can’t seem to stay balanced. 

An unlevel patio is natural and just happens to be a part of owning such an area. The heavy concrete slabs making up your sinking patio are constantly putting downward pressure on the soil underneath. This causes the soil to settle or sink and allows for voids to form underneath. Additional weight from pretty much anything, even just casual everyday use, will accelerate this and there isn’t much you, as a property owner, can do about it. Just be aware and know that eventually those concrete slabs will need to be lifted and leveled.

Another common cause of sinking patios is groundwater displacing the soil underneath the heavy concrete patio slabs which will also begin to form voids. These voids are much more susceptible to rapid deterioration of surrounding soil and expansion of the existing voids. When this occurs, your concrete patio slabs are much more likely to crack due to the lack of foundational soil support from underneath the concrete. 

Tripping Hazards Concerns From Uneven Concrete Patios

You may not think that the slow process of settling and sinking concrete patios may not be a huge concern. You may feel like there are more pressing issues that require your attention and maintenance budget before something like unleveled outdoor concrete surfaces. That might be the case, but before you make up your mind about home improvement priorities, remember the potential cost of consequences incurred from medical or legal fees. Injury due to negligence, by a property owner,  to keep concrete surfaces up to code could result in pricey medical expenses and legal litigation. Don’t let tripping hazards linger on your property. Get them fixed as soon as possible to avoid something bad happening on your watch.

Sinking Concrete Happens. Learn why concrete slabs sink and settle

Curb Appeal And Home Value Are Diminished By Uneven Concrete Patios

If you care about your property and the way it looks, you have probably noticed other people’s yards or front facing porches and patios falling into disrepair. Don’t judge your neighbors too much for their messy maintenance management. Something similar could be coming for your own property sooner than you think. Living in an environment like that found in the Houston area means your property or properties are exposed to changing conditions. Such conditions are not ideal for the longevity of concrete patios, porches, driveways and walkways.

It’s only a matter of time before your concrete patio begins to sink or settle. Sinking patios and other forms of sinking concrete surfaces are likely hurting your property value. Not to mention they are and eyesore for yourself and everyone walking or driving past your home. If you’re like millions of proud homeowners, this isn’t the type of impression you’re trying to make with your property. 

Make sure your home is the envy of the neighborhood with perfectly level concrete surfaces. Don’t let your guests second guess coming over for a get together at your backyard or side patio either. It’s not just the front of the house that forms a long lasting impression. Keep all your concrete surfaces property maintained and get the experts out to fix those slanted, sinking and settling concrete patios.

Titled Concrete Is Houston’s Premier Concrete Leveling and Lifting Service

The test of time will wear on your concrete surfaces. That’s a fact! Environmental factors won’t help keep them looking new either. Whether it’s the heavy rains that have been washing away soil from underneath or the simple occurance of sinking and settling concrete slabs due to weight bearing down over time, eventually your sinking patio, settling concrete or tilted sidewalks are going to need to be leveled or lifted.

Tilted Concrete Solutions is Houston’s leading concrete lifting solution to service all your concrete leveling needs. If your patio seems to be a bit off lately, give us a call for a free quote. We’ll be out to your property in no time to get it back to ideal levels. Our experts and effective care free process will have you wondering why you hadn’t called sooner.