Permeable Concrete. Sidewalks, Curbs And Driveways Of The Future?

Nov 11, 2021 | Blog, Cement Leveling Houston, Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

There is rarely new innovative technology coming out in the concrete industry. Sure, self leveling concrete is cool and all, but in reality the science and production process behind creating and maintaining concrete structures and surfaces has remained the same for decades. Until now! Permeable concrete (also known as pervious concrete)  or permeable pavement may just be the next big step in the evolution of concrete materials being used on a large scale for our new age infrastructure.

What Is Permeable Concrete And How Does It Work

Ten trillion gallons of polluted water runoff, from storm water and raw sewage, ends up in clean waterways annually from U.S. cities. The innovative technology of permeable concrete is trying its best to drastically cut that number down. Permeable concrete material is very similar to your average concrete. 

The main differences are…

  • The porous nature of this material allows for the steady and slow reintroduction of storm water back into the ground soil and eventually replenishing aquifers in big cities where clean water isn’t always a given. 
  • Not only that, some brands are now producing a type of permeable concrete material that can actually filter pollutants out of the storm water runoff as the water seeps through.

These innovative technologies are, however, relatively new and untested over long periods of time. Concrete is still the tried and true material that we all know and likely take for granted. Make sure to do your research before deciding to switch over to permeable concrete materials.

Water pollution is a growing problem that needs to be dealt with. Is porous concrete or permeable pavement materials a step in the right direction?

Trail Blazers Leading The Way In Producing Permeable Concrete Material

Startups like Aquipor are on a mission to combat the pollution of water from runoff in large part due to the nature of traditional concrete. This company has produced a porous concrete like material that not only allows for water to seep through it on it’s way back down to the aquifer below, it actually filters the water so that the quality of water reaching the aquifers is clean and pure. They hope to begin introducing this infractruce to a city or town near you in the very near future by replacing many concrete curbs and concrete sidewalks that make up current drainage systems.

Concrete Leveling Innovation Within The Concrete Industry 

The technology of polyurethane concrete leveling or “polyjacking” was a more efficient way to repair sunken concrete slabs than the outdated “mudjacking” method. This may not be as “sexy” as something trendy and green like permeable concrete or permeable pavement. If you’re not ready to entirely replace the concrete slabs that make up your concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool deck or concrete curbs with new porous concrete technology; repair and relevel them with a polyjacking concrete leveling service

Sidewalk lifting and leveling, along with lifting and leveling concrete driveway slabs is easier and more efficient with the introduction of polyjacking technology. Don’t be fooled by the “mudjacking” companies out there trying to convince you that it’s still the superior process. It’s just not true. Make sure you choose the best concrete leveling service in the Houston area with Tilted Concrete Solutions.

Polyjacking is a common way to deal with standing water. Is permeable concrete going to make standing water a thing of the past entirely?

Repair Sunken Concrete Sidewalks and Concrete Curbs With Polyurethane Leveling

Tilted Concrete Solutions is all about efficiency and value. Just like the increased efficiency and value of the new age porous concrete like materials being introduced into mainstream infrastructure today, Tilted Concrete Solutions has been on the forefront of innovation toward a cleaner and greener process of concrete leveling for nearly ten years. Polyjacking or polyurethane concrete leveling is the best way to get your concrete sidewalks or driveway slabs back to level conditions. Call Tilted Concrete Solutions for Houston’s leading concrete leveling contractors.