New Year Swimming Pool Maintenance

Jan 4, 2021 | Blog

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about your spring swimming pool maintenance and repairs. If you’re like many with a pool, the winter can be tough on your deck. Cracks or breaks in concrete joints allow for water to seep into the soil underneath your concrete slabs. Additionally, late summer and fall storms can be especially hard on your pool deck. Hurricane-strength storms have been especially tough this season and much of the damage dealt has yet to be uncovered. 

What does that all add up to for you, the home and pool owner? It’s likely that this year may have done more than the average amount of damage to the slabs making up your pool deck. That means swimming pool maintenance might be higher up on that list of things to get done this year. If your pool deck is looking more sunken than ever, give Tilted Concrete a call for a free inspection and estimate. We take care of Houston’s concrete leveling needs and deliver professional results.

Be Sure To Check For Seasonal Damage 

Most people have already closed up their pools by this time of the year so it is hard to keep track of any small changes occurring without being outside much. Because of this, it is likely that concrete slabs have sunk in place without you even noticing. This is due to the soil underneath being carried away by the groundwater from those heavy storms. Furthermore, when Houston weather is switching back and forth from cold rain to beautiful sunny days like it is in much of the early winter, that soil is constantly expanding and contracting. This causes significant strain and movement of said concrete and might mean your concrete joints are looking a little off level come spring.

In addition to your concrete slabs sinking, the pool itself can sink as well. If not taken care of, a pool sunken below intended levels can put considerable pressure and strain on the plumbing system and pipes. This sinking can also result in cracks forming within the pool itself and lead to water escaping. These leaks can further contribute to the deterioration of foundational soil around the pool. Luckily this can be an easy fix for our technicians who will pump in just enough polyurethane expanding foam to get your pool and deck back to appropriate levels.

Get Repairs Done Early This Year

The dry season is upon us, and now is the perfect time to get your pool deck leveled and resealed just in time for a spring break pool opening. Late winter and early Spring are the ideal times to get your pool deck lifted back to ideal levels. That way, you can be positive you’re ready for all the spring and summer fun you’re sure to have this upcoming pool season!

Perfect Year For An Early Pool Party

Early April is a good date to aim for when trying to decide on when to reopen your backyard pool. With Covid still crippling much of the country, it is likely that many public services, like local swimming pools, will not be reopened until the vaccine can be more widely distributed which could be as late as Fall of 2021. What does that mean for you and your family-fun time? Why not kick off the nice weather right with an early season pool party or two for all your neighbors and friends? This could be the perfect time for you to break out of your Covid shell and get your loved ones feeling a little bit more back to normal! Just make sure to continue to follow all state restrictions in place around your area and wear your masks when appropriate.

Houston’s Leading Concrete And Pool Deck Leveling Experts

If the concrete around your pool has been noticeably sinking or settling, concrete leveling services at Tilted Concrete is the answer for you this New Year. Pool decks are prone to sink and settle. Whether it be settling soil underneath from a heavy load, or groundwater from rains sweeping your soil away, our modern polyjacking process is quick and easy for your convenience. Our experts will have your slabs back to, like new, levels for a result that’s long-lasting and affordable.

Why Do Pool Decks Sink?

When a pool is excavated, loose, less compacted soil is added around the pool site. This allows for compaction and settling underneath those newly poured concrete slabs which results in the substantial sinking of the soil. If this foundational deterioration has begun to occur on your pool deck then it’s likely that things are only going to get worse. What are you waiting for? There should be nothing holding you back now, especially when our initial inspection and estimate for swimming pool maintenance are completely hassle and cost-free.