Much Needed Concrete Driveway Repair For The Spring

Apr 14, 2021 | Blog, Concrete Leveling Houston, Driveway Leveling, Seasonal

Years of wear and tear have likely taken their toll on your concrete driveway. Concrete is the second most commonly used substance on earth, second only to water. That translates into many structures and surfaces around your home most likely being constructed with concrete. This is due in large part to concrete being great at holding up against the test of time foundationally and physically. Settling and sinking concrete, however, occurs because of other environmental factors and outside forces. 

This year especially, we as Texans have experienced a much harsher, colder environment than we are used to during winter months. This additional variable could have long reaching consequences to things we wouldn’t usually think of. Concrete exposed to freezing and thawing, day in and day out, more than likely has caused significant damage and may also compromise the integrity of the material.

Why Is Your Concrete Driveway Showing Damage

This Spring in Houston is unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. With winter weather reaching down south this year, we Houstonians have experienced freezing temperatures that may have had further reaching implications than most thought. When temperatures are constantly freezing and melting day in and day out, like we saw for much of February, groundwater underneath the concrete slabs that make up your Houston driveway is repeatedly expanding and contracting inside the soil. 

Eventually this constant occurrence causes sinking and settling due to voids forming underneath the concrete. This process will cause strain on concrete slabs without the weight bearing foundational dirt supporting downward pressure being applied. 

Concrete And Foundational Soil Will Deteriorate Over Time
Concrete And Foundational Soil Will Deteriorate Over Time

Erosion And Weathering Occurring Under Your Concrete Slabs

  • Dirt is not a stable foundation and will deteriorate over time. This will result in damage to concrete over time.
  • Erosion and Groundwater will be the primary cause of voids and pockets forming underneath your concrete slabs.
  • Weight and Heavy Loads will ultimately cause additional damage when foundational dirt or soil no longer supports pressure applied upon worn concrete slabs in your driveway. 
  • Slurry used in Mudjacking is also a material, more durable than dirt but much less so than concrete or polyurethane foam.

If you’ve seen damage occurring at an accelerated rate this year, it’s likely due to a multitude of variables factoring in. The strange weather conditions we experienced the past few months were definitely a factor in this but wear and tear to your driveway or other concrete surfaces is a constant process. It may be looking rough now but you can bet on it continuing to get worse with hot weather around the corner and the rainy season approaching. 

Summer monsoon storms holding heavy rains are likely to continue deteriorating and eroding foundational soil. Don’t fret, however, because the experts at Tilted Concrete are available to level Houston driveways back to original levels.

Get Your Concrete Driveway Ready For The Summer

Kids love to play outside when the weather is right for it, but if your driveway is in tatters from wear and tear then it’s unlikely your kids or those from around the neighborhood will be able to use it for fun and games this summer. Don’t allow your kids to sit on the couch playing video games and watching TV all summer. Get them outside for some fun in the sun on your newly leveled driveway. Level concrete is ideal when tilted concrete conditions could be sending balls bouncing into the street or pucks flying through windows. 

Adults are welcome to set down a lawn chair and sit out front to enjoy the good weather as well. This isn’t the easiest thing to do when unleveled conditions wont allow for your chair to sit still. Wobbling chairs just won’t do when you’re trying to get some rest and relaxation in the summer sun. 

Make sure your summer activities are smooth sailing with a driveway concrete leveling service from Tilted Concrete Solutions. We are Houston’s concrete leveling experts for all your concrete leveling needs.

Father And Daughter Playing Basketball On Smooth Driveway Surface At Home
Father And Daughter Playing Basketball On Smooth Driveway Surface At Home

Stimulus Money Perfect For Spring Repairs

Home improvement including routine or less regular fixes might not be on the top of the list when it comes to things people want to spend money on right about now. Individuals who have been cooped up in their homes only having limited human interaction this past year are more likely to splurge on a vacation or shopping spree, right? 

People spend, on average, about 3K each year on home maintenance and an additional 10k on home improvement so a driveway releveling is well within most budgets. The addition of stimulus spending money might just allow for that sinking driveway that you may have been thinking about putting off releveling until next year.  And for those who might think spending over a thousand dollars on something that might be considered a necessity, it may actually be a smart investment that could save you in the long run. 

Seemingly aesthetic fixes might not be something not every homeowner has the money for right now but when you think about how upkeep like concrete leveling can save owners big when preventing bigger money issues from occurring. Spend some of that stimulus check now to maintain the value of your home and prevent emergencies from putting you in the red later on. 

Best Method For Leveling Concrete Driveways In Houston

Concrete leveling your driveway is relatively noninvasive and pales in comparison to what it takes to tear up and repour entirely. If sinking, settling or minor cracking has already begun to show in your driveway Tilted concrete driveway repair and leveling is the best solution for the Houston area. 

Don’t put off our quick and easy polyjacking procedure in the short term because long term consequences could be extremely expensive and time consuming. If a concrete re-pour is necessary, you could be looking at thousands more and weeks lost. Our fast, simple and effective method is far superior to mudjacking and is second to no other polyjacking procedure in the area. 

Our Houston specific methods take into account area specific soil composition so you know our polyurethane expanding foam is custom fit for your homes needs. Contact us today to learn more info.