Lifting And Leveling Concrete Slabs For Commercial Properties In Houston Tx

Sep 26, 2021 | Blog, Cement Leveling Houston, Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

What happens if someone falls on your business property and they hurt themselves? Are you as a business owner or commercial property owner liable? It’s very important that you understand that the answer is likely yes if you’re found negligent of properly maintaining your property. Regulations are put into place for a reason. People’s safety should be a concern for a number of reasons, some more obvious than others. Things that are put off or ignored could end up catching up to you later on down the road if something goes awry at a business or office. Leveling concrete slabs on commercial properties is often one of those things!

The Best Business Owners Stay On Top Of Every Aspect

You might think that paying for a rented out or leased space is the only action you need to take in terms of avoiding liability. That may be ,but if your building is condemned because your building manager or property owner isn’t as astute at staying up to code as you thought, you could be losing a huge amount of money and business. There are plenty of things you can do as a business owner to make sure your business and customers are properly protected.

  1. Do routine checks of your building and surrounding areas.
  2. Maintain a good relationship with your property owner.
  3. Keep up good and frequent communication with your property owner. 

Feeling Safe In A Place Is Important To Better Business

First and foremost, if your commercial property isn’t safe for clients or customers to visit, how long do you really expect your business to  be operating. If a customer or client feels unsafe or even threatened by certain aspects of your business, building or surrounding areas, do you truly believe they’ll be returning for another visit. Let’s put it this way. If you and your family showed up to a business and there were exposed wires sticking out of the side of the wall or there was a heavy leak with a suspicious looking liquid falling from the ceiling, would you feel safe continuing to do business with that particular company?

Staying Up To Code May Mean More Stringent Policies Than You Think

Legal action against the property owner is almost a certainty if someone trips and falls due to inaction or negligence. You may be surprised as to what is considered dangerous and potentially constitutes negligence. The ADA constitutes any immediate vertical change in height of a walkway or path of anything over ¼ in as a tripping hazard. That means there are likely tripping hazards around your property that you aren’t even aware of. Be vigilant and make sure you, as the property owner or building manager, are doing routine searches of anything that could potentially be causing damages.

make sure your commercial property is free of tripping hazards

Keep Your Property Value High And Appearance Pristine

Safety aside, another important reason to keep your commercial property maintained in every way possible is making sure your property isn’t losing value. If you have eyesores on the property it’s likely that the value of that property will be diminished. Those small things add up and before you know if your pristine property could be raking in a lot less rent money than possible. Make sure you’re getting all the value out of your land and commercial properties. Keep routine maintenance a priority and get those concrete surfaces lifted and leveled if need be.

Tilted Concrete Solutions Leveling Concrete Slabs For Houston’s Commercial Properties

If your commercial property in the Houston area is in need of concrete leveling, look no further than Texas’ premier concrete lifting and leveling company. If you live in coastal areas like Galveston, Baytown, or League City, concrete is likely to shift up and down, especially after a strong hurricane and tropical storm season. Make sure your coastal commercial properties haven’t taken more damage than anticipated. Get Tilted Concrete Solutions out to your commercial properties for full property inspections and quotes for repairs when needed.

Houston’s Premier Concrete Lifting Leveling Solution

Tilted Concrete Solutions doesn’t just service commercial properties. We are Houston’s leading residential and commercial concrete leveling and lifting experts. Whether it’s your home or your place of work that needs its concrete surfaces leveled we will come to you with a free quote and industry leading warranty on all of our polyurethane, Houston specific, services. Whether it’s walkways, patios, driveways or pool decks, we will get the job done right, the first time so you won’t have to worry about leveling your concrete surfaces for years to come. Give us a call today!