Thinking About Replacing Your Pool Deck? Read This First!

Aug 24, 2017 | Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston, pool lift, Seasonal

Did you know that the Houston area can get as much as 83 inches of rain in a year? That’s a lot of moisture getting absorbed by the ground. During our dry seasons, this saturated soil begins to shrink up and contract, wreaking havoc on many cement surfaces, including pool decks. If you’ve noticed your concrete pool deck sinking, don’t wait to get it checked out before the problem becomes worse.

Many homeowners think that replacing a sunken and cracked pool deck is the only option to restore the surface, however, polyjacking offers an affordable and long-lasting alternative. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few reasons why full replacement might not be your best bet and what you can do to protect your pool deck from future settling.

If you have a sunken pool deck, call the professionals at Tilted Concrete Solutions today! We’d be happy to complete an inspection and discuss your pool deck repair options with you.

Four Drawbacks of Full Replacement

No matter how big or small your pool is, replacing the entire deck is no small undertaking. There are a few clear drawbacks to full replacement, and we’ve listed a couple of them below.


Concrete Slab Graveyard

Any type of pool repair can be pricey, and there are many expenses to be considered if you’re thinking about tearing out your existing pool deck. The cost to entirely remove and replace an entire pool deck may be a bit more intensive and expensive than someone might think.

  • First, there’s the cost of demolishing and removing the existing concrete slabs and hauling them away.
  • Next you’ll need to bring in a contractor to ensure the surrounding soil is properly compacted and prepared for the new deck to be poured.
  • Lastly, there’s the expense of the new pool deck itself which includes materials and labor. When all is said and done, your new pool deck could easily cost you between $5,000 to $10,000 or more! If the cement slabs are still good, it’s much more cost effective to perform polyjacking to lift them and restore them to their rightful place.


If you live in southeast Texas, chances are that you installed your pool or purchased a home with a pool for a reason. These aquatic retreats provide much-needed relief from the intense heat of summer while allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to enjoy one of your home’s best amenities. 

The process of tearing out the old pool deck and replacing it can be quite time-consuming. On the flip side, when you choose to partner with a company like Tilted Concrete Solutions, you can count on far less downtime.

Yard Damage

Don’t be fooled by contractors who tell you that the only way to remedy your uneven pool deck is to replace it. While some pool decks may be damaged beyond repair, many are salvageable. These same contractors often use heavy equipment to tear up and replace the existing deck, causing a lot of unnecessary wear, tear, and potential damage to your landscaping. 

The cost of replacing plants and sod is the last thing you want when you’ve already paid so much for the new deck. The process of polyjacking is far less involved and requires minimal equipment, lessening the odds of damaging your property.

Environmental Concerns

If you’re someone who does everything possible to ensure our environment is protected, this drawback should catch your attention. When the existing pool deck is removed, the resulting debris has to go somewhere and it usually ends up in a local landfill.

 Because the waste is composed of concrete and rebar, it is not biodegradable and can be detrimental to our environment. When you choose to forego the demolition process and restore your existing pool deck, you’ll be keeping this debris out of landfills while pursuing an eco-friendly restoration process.

How Can I Properly Maintain my Pool Deck?

Pool Deck Level And Ready For UseReviewing the drawbacks of full replacement might get you wondering how you can properly care for your pool deck to ensure it stays level and safe for years to come. We’ve provided a few tips below.

  • Monitor the surrounding soil levels. When the soil surrounding your pool deck is at the same level and properly graded, water will be diverted away from the concrete surface. This is essential to prevent excess water from seeping beneath the slab and causing erosion.
  • Clean the deck regularly. There are several natural and man-made chemicals and materials that can very very corrosive to cement surfaces. To ensure that your pool deck lasts as long as possible, clean it often to remove any unnecessary buildup of dirt and debris.
  • Perform routine monthly and/or annual inspections. Carefully inspecting your pool deck and the surrounding soil can help prevent many forms of long term damage, including circumstances that promote erosion and settling of the slab. Try to do this as often as possible, or at least annually.

Performing these maintenance activities will help you protect your pool deck from sinking over time. If you’ve discovered substantial settling or other concerns related to the safety and stability of your pool deck, contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Pool Deck Lifting in Houston

Tilted Concrete Solutions is Houston’s trusted concrete leveling company. If you have a sinking or settling pool deck we’d love to help you out. With our innovative materials and techniques, our polyjacking process is an affordable and reliable alternative to full pool deck replacement, and our highly trained technicians have the skills and experience necessary to restore your sunken pool deck quickly.

Don’t get fooled into spending thousands extra on a pool deck replacement.  Contact us today to learn more and schedule an inspection!

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