Is Your Pool Deck Sinking?

Apr 25, 2018 | Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

Temperatures are expected to rise over the next few months, and that can only mean one thing for Houston: summer is on the way! Many property owners are taking steps to prepare their homes and businesses for the warmer season ahead, and some may even be thinking about taking the cover off the pool. Unfortunately, you may discover your pool deck hasn’t weathered the winter well, and if your pool deck is sinking, Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to help. We specialize in providing affordable concrete leveling services for all types of cement slabs, including pool decks. Call us to speak with a friendly member of our team, or request your free estimate now!

In a previous post, we briefly discussed sinking pool decks and why you should have them leveled as soon as possible. Today, we will expand on the topic by taking a closer look at why pool decks might begin to sink and why they can be dangerous. Read on to learn more!

Common Causes of Sinking Pool Decks

Poor Compaction

If you have an underground pool, there was a lot of work that was done to the land prior to the pool’s installation. One of the most important tasks of preparing land for an in-ground pool is ensuring that the soil surrounding the pool void is properly compacted. If the soil is not compacted properly, it may not be able to support the weight of the pool when it is filled. This can leave you with a sinking pool, and it can lead to undue stress on the structure of the pool, causing cracks in the pool walls.

Washed Out Soil

In the interest of completing a pool installation as quickly as possible, some contractors will skimp on soil tamping. While this leads to poor soil compaction, it can also cause the soil to be more susceptible to washout and erosion. When this occurs, the situation will only worsen over time if proper steps are not completed to stabilize the soil. Bringing in heavy machinery to backfill the land may rectify the problem, but this can be expensive, and it can damage your landscaping.

Voids Beneath the Slab

Did you know that, even in properly compacted soil, as much as 20 percent of one square foot of land is actually empty space? While there are always natural voids in soil, these empty spaces can become much worse when the soil becomes saturated and subsequently dries out. Seasonal runoff, excessive rain, and high water tables can all cause voids to become larger, and when this happens, its stability is compromised. If there are several voids in the soil, then you may end up with a sinking pool deck.

Sinking Pool Deck Solutions in Houston

Aside from giving the impression that your property is ill-maintained, sinking pool decks can cause several issues for your Houston home or business. They can make your property difficult to sell, and they can cause your home to appraise for less if you are trying to refinance your mortgage. If left unattended, they may lead to a vicious cycle of erosion and washout that could result in expensive pool repairs and/or replacement down the road. Uneven slabs also pose a safety risk to anyone walking on them, as the likelihood of tripping and falling increases exponential when the slabs are uneven.

Are you ready to restore your sinking pool deck? Contact Tilted Concrete Solutions today to speak with an expert concrete leveler in Houston to request a free estimate. We can’t wait to speak with you!