Commercial Trip Hazards And The Benefits Of Our Concrete Leveling Services

Oct 27, 2018 | Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

Running your business and keeping it in good condition is a big task. Entrepreneurs all across Texas take on the challenge of balancing every element of their establishment, from inventory management to property maintenance. It can be hard to find enough hours in the day to take care of everything! Businesses that are dealing with problems such as uneven concrete, though, have a lot more on their plate.

Governmental regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act play a big part in ensuring your premises are capable of accommodating patrons of all ability levels. That uneven slab on your property may be subjected to fines and remediation, which is where our concrete leveling company steps in. Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to deliver complete support for businesses across Texas in need of help leveling their sunken concrete. For years, our polyjacking formula has provided rigid support and complete quality for projects of all sizes.

While our last post looked into residential trip hazards and the insurance concerns of covering personal property, today, we’ll focus on a few of the major points surrounding commercial trip hazards. If you’re ready to benefit from the most cost-effective and versatile concrete repairs in Houston, be sure to contact our team for service today!

Understanding ADA Compliance

All business owners should be aware of regulations for their establishment concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), as this law governs fair access for those with disabilities to employment, governmental structures, public buildings, transportation vehicles, commercial establishments, and more. You will be tasked with ensuring that your concrete slabs are smooth enough to meet regulations concerning trips and falls in addition to area accessibility for all patrons. If your uneven concrete is creating a considerable hazard for individuals with disabilities, changes may be required.

The Costs of Concrete Leveling

Just like many homeowners across Texas, business owners hoping to level their sinking concrete can find a plethora of proactive solutions to help their situation. Several agencies play a role in ADA claims, making it important to find concrete repair services that satisfy all governmental policies. A few options for concrete repair include:

  • Patching – Consisting of simple repairs where needed, concrete patching is an affordable, short-term solution. In many cases, this service may not result in ADA compliance.
  • Grinding – Concrete repair specialists can attempt to grind down your uneven surfaces to reduce tripping hazards. While quick to get the job done, this service may not meet ADA requirements, and will significantly shorten the slab’s expected lifespan.
  • Mudjacking – This service is similar to ours, but relies on grout materials to assist in leveling your concrete. Mudjacking is beneficial for achieving a level result, but can be heavy and place your already-weakened soil at risk.
  • Polyjacking – Relying on our expanding foam, this concrete repair service cures in minutes, provides lasting support, and conditions underlying soils. Businesses can expect the best balance of cost and longevity while achieving ADA compliance.
  • Replacement – If all else fails, a full replacement will be necessary. Business owners will need to balance the higher costs, longer turnaround time, and increased waste. This process will result in a beautiful new slab, but the totality of costs may make concrete demolition and replacement an ineffective choice.

High Standards, Intense Legal Consequences

The purpose of the ADA is to enforce compliance nationwide to allow citizens of all abilities to gain access to a variety of services and locations. In order to be ADA-compliant, your slab will need to adhere to strict regulations concerning planeness and uniformity. Any sudden rise in elevation over ¼ of an inch can be considered a tripping hazard and may create a risk of injury.

Businesses that do not follow ADA regulations leave themselves open to a variety of consequences, including legal recourse. Visitors who sustain injury on your premises may seek out compensation for damages, including attorney fees, settlements, and the impact on future insurance rates. All commercial establishments must adhere to these regulations, making it important for owners across the Lone Star State to know these laws and abide by them at all times.

If you are dealing with uneven slabs and need help leveling your sinking concrete, Tilted Concrete Solutions of Houston is here and happy to help! Contact us today to learn about our polyurethane foam and concrete leveling services!