Government Contracts That Maintain Houston’s Aging Infrastructure

Feb 21, 2021 | Blog, Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston, Seasonal, standing water

This year has been tough, to say the least. People have been pushed to their limits and it often feels like the constant pressure and stresses of the world are bearing down on us. This is how your concrete parking lots, side streets, and bridges have been feeling for years now. Broken down concrete slabs, due to weathering and constant use, contribute to our aging infrastructure.  In fact, much of it is on the brink of collapse in many parts of the great state of Texas. Houston is no exception. The annual hurricane season is notorious for damaging many of the important infrastructures that people use daily for transportation. A particularly robust year dealt as much damage as possible in 2020, much of which can be seen from Texas coastal areas like Galveston to Pasadena.

A year consumed by the pandemic has also seen much-needed funding move from routine infrastructure maintenance. So much time and money has been lost to Covid and other Covid related relief efforts. In these difficult times, it’s important to remember that struggling small businesses are still in operation and ready to serve the customer and the community. Tilted Concrete Solutions is no different. 

Houston’s Best Concrete Leveling Service

We are Houston’s premier concrete leveling service and are ready to keep Houston’s streets, bridges, and parking lots fully functional for the people who rely on them. If damage to the foundation of aging infrastructure has already occurred then we are the company to call. Help prevent further damage that could prove even more costly to the taxpayer in the long run. Concrete leveling includes filling voids under concrete slabs for sunken streets, and bridge approaches, bringing them back to even levels. Common pot holes in parking lots and streets are caused by voids under the concrete. Voids, caused by settling and groundwater, will get worse over time. Tilted Concrete Solutions can fill those voids under concrete slabs. Our Houston soil specific polyurethane expanding foam and halt further damage.  

pot holes cover this worn down winter road

Run Down Streets Need Proper Upkeep

The constant wear and tear of streets is an almost nonstop process. All streets need upkeep and maintenance to remain fully functional due to the many elements constantly breaking them down. Weather changes seasonally or day to day can have huge impacts on the increase in stress that streets endure. Not to mention the unrelenting traffic that gives most streets only a few hours of break late into the night. These things are a part of everyday life living in a highly populated metropolitan area like Houston so the streets are going to take a beating. That’s not to say that routine maintenance and proper repairs aren’t important to keep the lifespan of these concrete streets functioning properly.

Concrete streets are more rigid than the more widely used and more easily manipulated asphalt. This definitely has its benefits. There is a downside, however. The rigidity which is great for extra heavy loads also means that it’s specifically used for stretches of street where larger, heavier vehicles are more likely to be present. These high volume stretches of street are relied upon by commercial vehicles more often than not and need to be in good condition for things to get done. Concrete may last longer, in general, than asphalt but it also often takes the brunt of the load. This is why leveling the concrete when sinking and settling occurs is a necessity if optimal functionality is to be achieved. Cities can address this task done early so that more serious and costly damages aren’t able to form.

Older Bridges Can Suffer From Sinking Concrete

Concrete bridge support slabs are a structural necessity for almost any bridge still in use today. That is because the concrete slab provides a transition from roadway pavement to the actual bridge. It acts as an intermediate concrete structure to bridge the gap between the rigid abutment and undisturbed embankment beyond the excavated area. Settled or sunken approach slabs, if left unchecked, cause unnecessary additional impact on the bridge. This can cause significant damage, especially by trucks, over time. If this sounds familiar to a bridge in your township or if you experience unleveled concrete from a bridge on your commute, contact your local representatives about getting it dealt with. Make sure to recommend Tilted Concrete for your expert and professional concrete slab leveling service.

many bridge approaches across the Houston area aren't in this good of shape

Seawalls and Bulkheads After Big Storms

The ocean is powerful! That’s a fact that the Gulf of Mexico reminds many coastal Houstonians far too often of! If you own coastal property, it’s likely that you’ve had to deal with the repairs that gale force winds, a torrent of rainfall, and elevated turbulent sea levels, can have on structural integrity. Seawalls and Bulkheads are no different. These structures need stabilization to maintain functionality. If they are ignored throughout multiple seasons, it’s likely that damages and deterioration to the foundation has already begun. Make sure your coastal property is properly protected. Ask your local officials if upkeep is being done in your area to prevent seawall and/or bulkhead failures. Concrete leveling jobs can stabilize bulkheads and seawalls and keep you protected!

Let Your Local Officials Know If Infrastructure Near You Needs Repair

We all know that infrastructure has been a hot topic in the media over the last few political cycles. The upkeep of existing, and development of new, modern infrastructure is needed all across the country, Texas more than most. Due to its environment and other conditions, father time can sometimes be accelerated here on things like concrete. The need for proper funding is high. Let’s make sure the infrastructure you use every day is ready to use tomorrow and the next day. If you have areas in your community where infrastructure is failing then should government be doing something?

Contracting a small local business to fix it, is more than likely a fantastic option. Write your representatives and tell them Tilted Concrete is the right fit for concrete leveling in the Houston area. If you or your team is responsible for maintaining government property and there are sinking or uneven concrete slabs, be sure to reach out to Tilted Concrete Solutions for a no-obligation estimate! For more information about our amazing company and outstanding services, check us out today.