Fix Up Your Sinking Concrete Before Your Fourth Of July Party

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Houston, it’s officially summer! And if you’re like many of us, you’ve been long awaiting the arrival of the season, and for good reason. By effectively skipping a full summer in 2020, the 2021 celebrations held across the country are sure to be more memorable than most. Last 4th of July there may have been a lot of fireworks but many were being lit off in opposition and protest rather than a celebration of unity and freedom in our great nation. This year, however, is going to be different! We red-blooded Texans love America. Why not show your friends and family what the United States Of America means to us with an all-out celebration of independence, freedom, and fun?

If you’re planning on hosting a 4th Of July get together, gathering, full out blowout, or any other form of summer party, make sure you don’t fall short on any important aspects of the party. Whether it’s a pool party, a grill out, or just sitting back and enjoying the great weather after a brutal heat wave, it’s bound to be a great holiday. Make sure, however, that your holiday weekend goes off without a hitch and prepare your party in advance.

This is the time to knock out all those “to do” items you’ve  been putting off. There is no better time to spend a little bit of time and money on the house and spruce up your surroundings. Maybe a little remodeling is in order? How about a new coat of paint? It’s likely that recent flash floods from rainy season storms have caused problems for sinking concrete driveways, patios and walkways as well. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, if there are projects that you’ve been putting off or damage to the property that needs to be addressed, then make sure those issues are dealt with before you decide to invite guests for your next gathering. 

Summer pool parties brings friends and families together
Fiends drinking cocktails at a summer pool party

Impress Friends, Family, And Neighbors Alike With Home Improvement Projects

It’s no surprise that these sorts of things need a good amount of preparation. Things like plenty of food and drink are a must have, but music, yard and board games, and other forms of entertainment allow for a more seamless experience at summer parties. What about the yard? Have you been putting in enough attention to the fine details? Lawn and other plant upkeep can be a huge task and time commitment when it comes to making sure everything looks perfect for your friends and family to envy over when they see it all come together.

Lastly, the upkeep and maintenance of your home itself are tremendously important when trying to impress the neighbors. If the home isn’t looking its best and you need to get some DIY projects done at your house, more power to you, getting to the outdoor improvement tasks that are more suitable for a property owner’s personal projects. Many maintenance tasks can be knocked out by the homeowner, no problem; but other, bigger, specialty products should be dealt with by the professionals. 

Your Next Big Summer Blowout Should Aim To Deliver On All Fronts

Sometimes it is just best to accept that there is something that is going to be forgotten. Maybe it slips the mind or just got put on the back burner and there just wasn’t enough time. Putting together a list and assembling priorities might be a good idea to make sure those important things get checked off the list with plenty of time to spare. Here is a list we’ve assembled from popular etsy and insta threads of trendy items and ideas that might be important to add to your to-do list.

  • Fix your lawn up and make it lush – Yellow, dead grass is common, especially in the deep heat of summer. It doesn’t look great, however.  Green and healthy is obviously optimal and sought after by anyone who wishes to impress their party guests. Here are some tips for making sure your lawn is looking its best.
  • Update plants, yard statues, fountains, and furniture – Flowers should be in bloom this time of year. The dead or dying stuff from last year is an eyesore and needs to be dealt with before you have guests over. Get out there with your green thumb and get some new plants in your garden. Clean those old fixtures, statues, or fountains to keep them looking less aged.
  • Set up the grill, bar/drinks, and shelter stations – Whether or not you’ll be the grillmaster at your next BBQ gathering, make sure you’re set up with a station that says “you’re open for business.” Here are a couple of improvements you can make to the grill station that will have you looking like the party MVP.
  • Lighting shouldn’t be overlooked – Great thing about summer parties is that they’re easy to hold outside. That’s only if you have the proper lighting, however, to make sure your guests stay safe. Tripping hazards are no joke and there are few things that will damper the mood more than an avoidable injury

Recent Storms May Have Caused More Damage To Your Home Than In Past Years

If your home has been affected by damage dealt from recent strong storms or weather, it’s likely that as a homeowner, you’ll need to hire the experts to deal with things like settling or sinking concrete slabs that make up outdoor patios, driveways and sidewalks. 

Things like pools shifting due to large volumes of water runoff and saturated soil allowing for unstable conditions, shouldn’t even be considered without first consulting the experts who deal with those sorts of issues. If you’ve noticed that your concrete surfaces or pool have been looking tilted lately, give Tilted Concrete Solutions a call for a free inspection and quote.

The Rainy Season And Recent Heat Wave Have Dealt Untold Damage To Your Concrete Driveways, Backyard Patios, Pool Decks and Walkways

The Houston metro got hit hard by the rainy season this year and the recent heatwave that struck much of the Western U.S. has now effectively dried out all that excess moisture from the ground. Unfortunately, these happen to be ideal conditions for the destruction of many outdoor surfaces, especially concrete slabs.

  1. Flash flooding from large storms during the rainy season is a huge culprit when it comes to causing voids underneath your concrete slabs
  2. Water runoff happens. Make sure you do your best to route the water around your concrete surfaces so that fast-moving water and pooling doesn’t occur on or around concrete slabs
  3. Saturated soil makes the foundational dirt under concrete sidewalks, driveways, and patios more susceptible to sinking. Those heavy slabs sink through the moist mud more than you’d think
  4. Heatwaves dry out the soil which in turn shrinks it as well. This allows for concrete slabs to settle at an accelerated rate.
  5. Dry Season makes the volume of soil underneath concrete surfaces shirk more and more as days or weeks pass without precipitation. When this occurs year in and year out you can bet on voids forming underneath outdoor patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways. Keep your concrete slabs level and crack-free by making sure those voids are filled by the experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions.

Don’t Let Stubbed Toes Or Nasty Falls From Sinking Concrete Slabs Put A Damper On Your Fourth Of July Party

Your party could be equipped with all the bells and whistles, sure. Throw in a bouncy castle for the kids, maybe an outdoor movie theater for the teens. How about a full bar around a brand new fire pit out back for the adults to sit around and enjoy. All sounds great, right? Well, if one of your guests happens to trip and fall over an elevated corner joint of a concrete slab in the dark of the night and has to get to the hospital for stitches, your perfect party will likely have a damper placed on the rest of the evening.

Woodlands, Richmond and other surrounding towns are going to be poppin this 4th with block parties and large scale community gatherings. Be vigilant and make sure pedestrians traveling on your sidewalks are protected from tripping hazards on your property.

Grill master cooking at a summer party for his friends and family
Cooking hamburgers, sausages, and peppers with barbeque for a summer party .

Celebrate America And Post Covid Life

Covid sucked. It’s unlikely that there are many people who are missing the days of shelter in place and extreme isolation. People were stuck in their homes for the better part of the summer of 2020 and let’s be honest, it wasn’t much fun. Don’t let yourself get caught without something to do this fourth of July. It’s time to get out and let loose. Have fun with friends and family again without having to worry about, well, anything!

The 4th of July celebrations have a spectacular history here in Houston. There is plenty to do whether or not a friends’ or family members’ party is an option or not. Festivities like the 4th of July Fest in Sugarland are a fan favorite for the surrounding area. A history rich Galveston island can provide all that the 4th has to offer as well, finishing the night with a world class fireworks display. If you don’t have anything planned for the holiday weekend and want to get back out on the town to experience the thrills of independence day or just celebrate life after a hard year of being under lockdown, here are a few more ideas.

Make Sure Your Next Summer Party Goes Off Without A Hitch

Even if you are attending a get-together and not actually hosting yourself, don’t shy away from making those home improvement moves this summer to make your place looking tip-top. Who knows, it’s possible your fourth of July festivities will inspire you to hold a soiree of your own for later on in the summer season. Level concrete slabs on your property are a must when thinking about having people over for an outdoor event. Tilted Concrete Solutions is your one-stop-shop for everything concrete leveling. Don’t wait another moment and get our experts out to your property for a free inspection and quote.

Local fireworks show for everyone to enjoy this Fourth of July
Fourth of July fireworks show