Concrete Repair Vs Concrete Replace

May 14, 2021 | Blog, Concrete Leveling Houston, Driveway Leveling, Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your outside concrete surfaces for an extended period of time you might be starting to notice that those exterior concrete surfaces aren’t looking as nice as they used to.  Driveways, sidewalks, patios and all other forms of concrete surfaces need maintenance to make sure a small issue doesn’t become a big problem. Those seemingly small changes to your concrete slabs may not seem like a big deal now but gone unchecked a relatively small concrete repair job or leveling could easily turn into a concrete replacement or re-pouring situation in a few short years.

Those small cracks in the concrete or tilts to the slabs can allow for water to seem into the soil underneath. Saturated soil isn’t sturdy and is susceptible to erosion. Houston’s climate is unforgiving when it comes to above average rainfall and runoff wreaking havoc on the foundational soil underneath exposed concrete surfaces like driveway, sidewalks and patios. Don’t let this subtle yet inevitable process catch you off guard. Get the professionals at Tilted Concrete out to your property for a free inspection and quote if you notice your concrete shifting from its original position.

When To Get Your Sinking Or Settling Concrete Releveled

Tilted Concrete Solutions recommends that you don’t put off your concrete leveling procedures. The likelihood that damage is going to be accelerated over time if left unchecked is high. The bigger those cracks or spaces in between expansion joints get, the more the elements like water runoff are able to seep in and cause erosion.

If you’re starting to see gaps between your concrete expansion joints where the sealing is beginning to fail it is imperative to get a professional out to inspect the situation. The experts at Tilted Concrete will get you an industry competitive quote for free for all your concrete repair needs. Any services rendered to fix your concrete surfaces also come with an industry leading warranty. 

Benefits Of Re-Leveling Vs. Re-pouring

If it’s an option, releveling is always going to be the faster, more efficient solution. Obviously some situations call for a full on concrete re-pouring; but, more often than not, if the property owner keeps an eye out for needed upkeep and maintenance, a concrete replacement isn’t going to be needed in the near future.

Concrete Re-LevelingConcrete Re-Pouring
– Costs around half the price as a re-pour
Minimally invasive
– Polyurethane foam is set and dries within just a few hours
– Minimal cleanup and the process is safe for the environment
– Can cost thousands more than a releveling
– weeks to tear up, re-pour, and cure before surfaces are ready to use
– Waste removal is a big task and will cost extra
Broken Up Concrete Slab
Thin Concrete Slab Breaking Up

Concrete Pouring Costs More Than You Think

When your concrete slabs haven’t taken on too much damage over time it is likely that a concrete re-pouring isn’t in your best interest. Cost of driveway replacement is no joke and could set you back big time. Not only will this cost you thousands more, it is also a very intrusive and time consuming process. Concrete does deteriorate but is actually a relatively durable material. Damage to your driveway, sidewalk, or patio is likely occurring due to lack of foundation underneath your heavy slabs. Voids caused by water runoff and groundwater erosion can be filled and settled or sunken concrete can be releveled with a relatively noninvasive service. Don’t jump to conclusions with a concrete driveway replacement before contacting the concrete leveling experts at Tilted Concrete first.

Add Value To Your Home With Concrete Repair And Leveling

Maybe you recently moved into a new place or purchased a fixer upper. Starting making that list of tough decisions regarding what repairs or replacements need to be focused on first isn’t easy. An uneven driveway or some cracks in your concrete sidewalk slabs might not seem like something you’ll need to worry about when you’re looking to spruce up your home to add value. In reality, however,  curb appeal is one the most important factors in home improvement value.

Individuals who flip houses look for properties with poor curb appeal to buy. They know, more often than not, fixing up things like gutters, landscaping, lighting and exterior concrete surfaces is a low cost and high yielding reward. You may be thinking that interior renovations are more important than getting those concrete slabs releveled. In terms of getting your money back, however, there is nothing that is going to give you a higher return on your investment than fixing up those small yet increasingly noticeable aspects, including an unlevel driveway, walkway patio or other exterior concrete surface. Contact Tilted Concrete Solutions today to see what a concrete surface or driveway repair would cost you.

Releveling Concrete Is The Affordable, Less Invasive Option 

Sinking settling concrete slabs are surely an eyesore and most definitely a tripping hazard. They are also a money pit waiting to happen if not dealt with early on. Those sinking slabs are a ticking time bomb. The formation of voids underneath will eventually cause bigger problems to the seemingly sturdy slabs. Lack of foundational support coupled with ongoing heavy loads will cause deterioration and a breakdown of those slabs that may eventually require a concrete re-pouring to fully fix. Make sure to prioritize small fixes that can end up saving you time and money in the long run. 
Call Tilted Concrete Solutions today for a free consultation. Whether it’s an uneven driveway, tilted sidewalk slabs, or a sunken patio out back, Tilted Concrete is Houston’s industry leader for all your concrete leveling needs.