When It Comes To Your Pool, Cheap And Easy May End Up Costing More

Nov 28, 2021 | Concrete Leveling Houston, pool lift

Sometimes, finding the cheapest way to get a job done will end up backfiring in the long run and costing more than getting the job done right in the first place. This is definitely the case when it comes to building a home pool. Property owners should know that deciding to cut corners or costs for a huge undertaking like installing a pool in the backyard should not be taken lightly and may lead to costs down the road like concrete deck repair and pool lifting.

Deciding to have a pool is no spur of the moment decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are important steps that need to be taken during the planning process that many homeowners miss and end up costing them big not only right away but also for decades to come. Make sure you’ve done your research and planning breaking ground on your new pool addition!

Why The Cheapest Way To Level Ground For A Pool Is A Bad Idea

You may end up saving a couple hundred dollars initially from either hiring a discount contractor or even trying to do it yourself, but at what cost long term? Compactors can be heavy and expensive to rent and contractors are not a cheaper option to hire out. That means people bypass the longer, more intrusive, option for a quick fix of people doing the work by hand. Don’t make this mistake!

Your pool filled with water weighs literal tons. All that weight puts tremendous pressure on the foundational dirt below and will begin to settle further and further down. Over time, that movement will negatively affect not only the look of the pool, as it will appear sunken, it can also break pipes and pumps.  If that’s the case, you’re  likely looking at an extremely costly fix or replacement .

What To Do If Your Pool Or Pool Deck Is Sinking

The longer you wait to get these situations fixed the worse off it’s going to be. Once sinking of the pool or pool deck starts, it’s likely to accelerate exponentially to a point of no return. Your pool deck will become so uneven that the slabs might break and need to be replaced which is much costlier than a pool deck lift. If your pool keeps sinking and settling into the foundational dirt below you could be in even bigger trouble. Secure the pool with a polyjacking pool lifting  and protect the foundational dirt by sealing up the surrounding area around the pool and deck. 

Other Common Mistakes That Are The Wrong Call Long Term

  1. Landscaping needs to be thought out in advance so not to affect the long term stability of the pool or pool deck. Large trees planted next to the pool will grow roots that will most likely damage the pool or surrounding area. Furthermore, some plants will create more runoff which could also affect the stability of your pool or pool deck’s foundation.
  2. Entertainment Spaces next to your pool are great, but make sure you aren’t adding any extra heavy outdoor furniture or add-ons too close to the pool that would be adding excess downward pressure to the outside of the pool. This could end up sinking and settling the concrete slabs around the edge and end up cracking the pool itself in the long run.
  3. The Diving Board may seem like a load of fun at first when you’re planning the pool installation. In reality, however,  it often gets forgotten about soon after the finished product is up and running. Most activities take place in the shallow end and the deep end goes unused. The deep end, unfortunately, is much more difficult to clean and care for so make sure you really want that diving board before jumping in on it. 
Pool planning for depth, surrounding landscaping and pool leveling and compacting are all important to know about for pool owners.

If Your Pool Isn’t Level, Raise It With A Tilted Concrete Pool Lifting Service

Tilted Concrete Solutions is Houston’s premier concrete leveling service for everything from pool lifting to concrete slab leveling. If the concrete slabs making up your pool deck look like they’ve begun to sink and appear tilted, make sure you get it dealt with early on before it becomes a bigger issue. When it comes to your backyard pool, make sure you’re taking action to preserve the value of the area over time at the best long term cost. Tilted Concrete is here to help you do just that. Give us a call for more information today and we’ll get a free home visit and quote scheduled today!