What Does Your Concrete Leveling Estimate Consist Of?

Jan 2, 2020 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Like any serious home improvement project, it’s always smart to get an estimate first. Acquiring an estimate from a contractor of any kind provides you with some basic information that will help you determine if they’re the right contractor for you and your project. While most of that decision is based on price point, other portions of that decision will come to light during the estimation process as well. For example, you’ll be able to get a sense of how they view the work and the job in comparison to others. They’ll tell you how many workers they believe they’ll need to send to your project and you can compare that to the previous quote you received. Additionally, you’ll be able to check that they’re licensed and insured and they’ll often bring a portfolio of past works that prove their merit. 

However, as a customer or prospective client, it can get confusing when you’re trying to figure out what an estimate is based on when you’re comparing companies. Indeed, sometimes you’ll stumble across huge price disparities and the question often comes up: what does my concrete leveling estimate really entail? Because we’re a company that’s built on trust and workmanship, we have no problem breaking down and explaining what your estimate covers and how we make those determinations. 

First, Fixed Costs

As with any project, there are a variety of costs that we charge across the board. This is what we factor into your bill to cover the costs of the tools we use the professional training, licensing and the insurance each of our on-site workers have. These are essentially preliminary costs that must be paid and provided for no matter the scope of your specific project. That’s the first part of the quote we’ll offer and is the baseline for everyone in town that offers the same quality of service. Essentially, anyone who has workers that are licensed and insured will be in a similar price range to us, as they’ll have to roll that cost into every estimate they hand out as well. You’ll start to see major price discrepancies with companies who are not licensed and insured, as they don’t need to pay for those things ahead of time. 

It’s important to always choose a contracting company that provides licensed and insured workers. You may think nothing will go wrong with the project, but something can always go wrong and someone can always get hurt. The difference between professionals and amateurs is that professionals realize that and take pains to protect you from any legal recourse you may be responsible for in such an event. So even if a contracting company without those amenities is trying to give you a great deal, think twice as it’s far too risky to trust their best judgment and their unskilled workers. 

Level of Disrepair

The next factor we use to determine the ultimate estimate we present to you is the state of disrepair or the amount of work needed for the concrete leveling project. Obviously, not all jobs are created equal, and thus, you’ll see the most variation in your price point in comparison to say, your neighbor’s price point here. We make a determination on the estimation based on a variety of repair factors. Mainly on how severe the damage is that we’re attempting to fix, for example repairing a cracked sidewalk is much less intense than trying to repair a sinking a splitting driveway.

Depending on how much labor is needed, how many special tools will be utilized, as well as the type and quantity of materials needed, we’ll be able to explore a price point with you for your project. This is, to an extent, a factor you have some control over. In fact, if you decide to act immediately when you see the concrete start to decay, shift and crack, the damage will remain fairly manageable and the cost to fix it will too. If you leave it for some time, or until it’s in need of dire repair, the price will reflect the amount of time you waited and how much worse it got in the meantime. Remember, concrete repairs don’t age well and will always get worse with time, i.e. more expensive. 

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