Should You Repair Or Replace Your Slab? Our Concrete Leveling Pros Explain

Feb 25, 2019 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Replacing a concrete slab on your property may prove to be a major undertaking, but modern technology has made options such as mudjacking and polyjacking ideal alternatives. For years, Tilted Concrete Solutions has delivered ideal concrete repairs across Texas, and we’re always asked about the effectiveness of our services versus a full replacement.

Today, we’ll highlight why you should consider our concrete leveling services, as well as the value of other repair options. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to call us today for a free consultation!

Why Choose Concrete Repairs?

The overall cost of a complete replacement can be a lot for busy homeowners. From the amount of time needed to get the job done to the high level of effort, material demands, and overall cost, slab replacements are often not the first choice.

In most cases, concrete leveling and repairs prove to be the best choice for sinking and settling slabs. The services provided by Tilted Concrete Solutions of Houston ensures that you are left with the best results. Below are a few of the top reasons why we would suggest going with concrete leveling over replacement.

Save Time

Installing a new driveway can take a long time. From taking out the old concrete to prepping and leveling the soil, pouring the new slab, finishing it, and allowing it to cure, it can be days before you can utilize your driveway again.

Minimize Labor

Two concrete levelers can show up to your home and provide all of the manpower needed to create cost-effective repairs. The amount of sweat and effort required for polyjacking is far less than a full replacement. Our team will drill two small holes in the slab and pump in our formula. No hard labor, and no hours of work needed.

Make a Match

Pouring new concrete can provide a fresh start for your slab, but keep in mind that it will be close to impossible to match the color and shade of your new and existing concrete. Polyjacking and concrete leveling can keep all of your existing surfaces, creating a seamless finish that continues to age with the rest of the surrounding surfaces.

Save on Materials

The volume of materials required to replace your concrete will add up. Moisture, base materials, and the cementitious mixture itself will all be placed in the stead of your old slab, placing the outdated materials in a pile to likely be broken down and recycled elsewhere. Polyjacking keeps all of the native materials in place, requiring only our expanding foam to get the job done.

Save Money

One of the biggest reasons why polyjacking can serve as your concrete leveling solution is because it is much more affordable than a full replacement. In most scenarios, concrete leveling will cost less than half of the replacement total.

Slabs in Poor Condition

Concrete leveling can prove to be a smart choice, but in some cases, the slab may not be in a state where repairs are worth it. Homeowners will sometimes be advised to call for a full replacement. If your concrete is beyond the point of repair, Tilted Concrete Solutions is happy to provide honest advice, and our concrete levelers will offer ideal solutions for either outcome.

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