Repair Your Concrete In 2019 With Our Complete Concrete Leveling Solutions

Jan 2, 2019 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Sinking concrete can cause a variety of problems for residents and business owners across Texas. Not only does this settlement look bad, but it can also create numerous safety and structural problems. The last thing you want is for someone to sustain an injury in your property, and uneven surfaces often quicken the rate of settlement and degradation. 2019 is a new year, and now may be the perfect time for you to invest in cost-effective repairs for your sinking concrete.

Residents and business owners in need of concrete leveling services across Eastern Texas can rely on Tilted Concrete Solutions for the best solutions in the industry. Our experienced, certified, and insured technicians can provide complete solutions that restore your concrete back to its original glory.

If you’re looking for an ideal solution for your property in 2019, our concrete levelers are here and happy to help. Today, we’ll highlight what all our polyjacking formula can accomplish, as well as the advantages of utilizing our concrete lifting company.

What Can Tilted Concrete Solutions Do?

Our concrete leveling pros in Houston can deliver ideal results for nearly every problem related to your sinking slabs. We rely on our customized polyjacking formula to deliver a precise outcome for your home or business, avoiding the need for future services.

Tilted Concrete Solutions can provide comprehensive results for homes and businesses across Texas in the new year. Our concrete leveling can deliver solutions for a wide range of problems:

  • Remedy weak soil compaction — Poor compaction levels (often below 95 percent of standard maximum density) can result in avoidable settlement.
  • Stabilize soils — Texas presents a unique problem for engineers and builders, relying on a complex soil profile that undergoes frequent floods and droughts. Our polyjacking formula is designed to stabilize these soils, providing long-term peace of mind.
  • Fill voids — When soil expands and contracts, it can loosen and be removed by water to create unwanted voids.
  • Restore proper drainage control — Our concrete levelers will be able to restore the proper drainage measures to keep your slab safe from future problems.
  • Level mismatched joints — The joints along your concrete pavement, sidewalks, and roadways should all be evenly matched for the best results. If the joints are not in unison, structural and safety concerns can result in costly repairs, and a reinforced concrete overlay may be suggested.

  • Restore equipment pads — A variety of tools and machines rely on concrete pads for rigid support during daily operations. Our concrete leveling services can restore these foundations to keep your equipment stable and balanced.
  • Relevel sinking patios — A concrete patio can provide considerable value and beauty for your property, but may also be the cause of stress if it begins to sink. Polyjacking is a cost-effective solution to restore this slab for a beautiful outcome.
  • Pool and deck lifting — Improper soil conditions and heavy moisture exposure can cause your pool and deck to settle. Before your pipes and pool system are compromised, be sure to reach out to our team for leveling services.
  • Lift interior slabs — Garage floors and basement surfaces alike can suffer from sinkage, which is where our concrete leveling services shine. Our team can restore the safety and integrity of your interior slabs.
  • Remedy exterior surfaces — Many residents call us to level their sinking driveways and sidewalks, both of which can be accomplished in a fast, clean manner.
  • Seawall and bulkhead repairs — One service that can provide expensive benefits is the correction of unstable bulkheads and seawalls, helping residences and waterside properties alike.

Fast, Effective Concrete Repairs

Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to provide unbeatable concrete leveling to Houston homes, businesses, real estate agents, and more. Our proven polyjacking formula has helped to restore sunken slabs across Texas, and our specially designed two-part, high-density polyurethane foam can expand to fill voids.

Tilted Concrete Solutions is proud to provide our unique combination of local materials, ensuring that the surrounding soils are stabilized for long-term reliability. Our concrete levelers can deliver the precise level of care for your unique situation, providing an outcome that is:

  • Fast — Once our polyjacking services are completed, you will only have to wait until it is cured to return to normal use. Heavy equipment, private vehicles, and more can be supported with ease.
  • Effective — While traditional concrete repairs provide short-term solutions, our polyurethane formula is crafted to last for the long haul.
  • Clean — Our concrete leveling is minimally invasive, relying on penny-sized holes to quickly fill the voids beneath your slab to create a stable, level surface. When all is said and done, you’re left with a clean outcome that often looks good-as-new!
  • Lightweight — Instead of burdening your weakened soil with the weight of heavy grouts or cement mixes, this polyurethane blend weighs in at only two pounds per cubic foot!
  • Waterproof — Protect your slab from future problems with our waterproof formula, reducing repump rates and stopping future erosion.
  • Eco-friendly — Our product cures to an inert substance, avoiding the waste and fuel consumption associated with traditional replacement services.

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2019 may be the perfect time to repair that sunken concrete that has been worrying you for years. If you’re in need of professional concrete leveling in the Houston area, Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to deliver comprehensive results that you will have to see to believe. Our team will be happy to assist with accurate estimates, friendly technicians, and certifiable results.

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