Polyjacking Vs Mudjacking – Which Is Better?

Jan 22, 2019 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Texas homes and businesses can undergo intense weather changes. When you combine this with the complex soil profile of our state, it can be easy to see why problems such as concrete settlement are common. If you are dealing with an uneven sidewalk, driveway, or any other slab that is now sinking and causing problems, it’s essential to seek out the help of a professional company before the problem worsens. In most cases, citizens will find that “mudjacking” and “polyjacking” are the top two solutions available today.

Tilted Concrete Solutions specializes in concrete leveling services across Houston, Katy, and beyond, and our experienced team knows how to deliver the best results for your sinking slabs. Our two-part polyurethane blend is comprised of local materials to deliver a precise outcome that is touted as the best in the industry.

Today, we’ll compare the benefits of polyjacking and mudjacking to highlight which approach is often more beneficial for Texas homes and businesses. If you’re ready to schedule your services, be sure to contact our team today!

Surface Disruption

In order to gain access to the subgrade beneath your slab, our technicians will need to drill holes through the concrete. In many cases, home and business owners are concerned about the aesthetic outcome of their concrete leveling services. Tilted Concrete Solutions is proud to deliver effective results in a method that minimizes the need for large holes to get the job done, as our two-part polyurethane blend works to effectively flow and expand as needed.

  • Mudjacking requires holes be drilled at each corner (and often in the center) for maximum reach, relying on 1-inch to 1 5/8th-inch holes for optimal results.
  • Polyjacking can be achieved with only a couple of 5/8th-inch holes, minimizing the impact on your surface while delivering a smooth, restored slab.

Material Weight

One concern associated with concrete leveling is the weight of the new materials being used. If your soil is susceptible to settlement and problems with increased structural loads, mudjacking may not be an ideal solution. Based on the air content, a cubic foot of concrete will weigh 150 pounds, which can quickly add up when you consider how much concrete comprises your driveway. Concrete repairs that require a considerable amount of fill material may compromise the soil stability of the materials beneath.

  • Mudjacking relies on traditional materials, often coming in around 100 pounds per cubic foot.
  • Polyjacking relies on a polyurethane blend, weighing in at only 2 pounds per cubic foot!

Soil Remediation

Filling voids beneath your concrete slab can do much to remedy the problem, but keep in mind that this may only be a temporary solution. It is essential to invest in concrete leveling services that restore the look of your concrete for the immediate future as well as the long-term, as Texas is prone to high periods of droughts and deluges.

  • Mudjacking fills in low spots in all directions, reducing voids and curing for rigid support.
  • Polyjacking relies on a chemical reaction to expand once applied to the soil, compacting and consolidating nearby materials for improved stability.

Downtime for Curing

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing polyurethane over mudjacking is the cure time. Traditional concrete leveling relied on slurry, or a mortar-based grouting mixture, to fill the voids and raise sunken slabs. Unfortunately, this method relies on traditional curing times as well.

  • Mudjacking typically takes between 24 and 48 hours to cure effectively.
  • Polyjacking delivers fast results, curing in just 15 minutes.

Repump Rates

One concern when investing in professional concrete leveling services across Houston is the long-term effectiveness of your chosen material. It is difficult to prepare for Texas’ complex soil profile, especially when you consider the extreme seasonal changes that cause material contraction and expansion.

  • Mudjacking relies on mortar-based mixes, which are susceptible to erosion and settlement, achieving a repump rate often over 10 percent.
  • Polyjacking from Tilted Concrete Solutions offers superior results, achieving a repump rate that is less than 1 percent!

Hydrophobic Benefits

In order to achieve the most stability for your slab, it is important to find a material that will hold up to years of use. Our polyurethane foam is among the few blends formulated to be waterproof. This can deliver considerable peace of mind for home and business owners concerned about the cost-effectiveness of their chosen concrete leveling services.

  • Mudjacking is susceptible to moisture, which over the long term can begin to erode and require additional pump services.
  • Polyjacking is rigid and hydrophobic, keeping moisture out for long-term stability.

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Our proprietary polyurethane blend delivers unparalleled results to slabs across Texas. If your home or business requires concrete leveling in the Houston area, Tilted Concrete Solutions is here and happy to help. We rely on precision and reliability at all levels of our business to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

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