How Long Will My Concrete Leveling Repairs Last?

Oct 21, 2019 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Your concrete slab is sinking, and you want it fixed. Moreover, you want to ensure that your investment in concrete leveling is worth the cost over the years. You want the most quality to get the best return on your investment, and Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to help!

For years, our team has specialized in concrete leveling across Houston, relying on our specialty polyurethane foam blend to deliver premium results for the long haul. Polyjacking has become the most effective form of raising sunken concrete, relying on expanding foam, which cures in minutes and weighs much, much less than traditional mudjacking methods.

Keep reading to learn about the conditions surrounding the longevity of your concrete repairs, and be sure to request a free estimate from our concrete levelers for an effective, affordable outcome!

How Long Will Mudjacking Last?

This is one question we get a lot. The slurry used in mudjacking consists of cement, sand, and water. This material cures to a hard finish, but like other forms of concrete, is susceptible to moisture damage. If your mudjacking is subjected to water after repairs are made, then you may find yourself in a similar predicament in the near future!

Mudjacking has long been the industry solution, but a new answer is now providing additional benefits to customers in need across the country. Polyurethane foam has gained ground in recent years with the help of our local services and proprietary blends. Polyjacking is slated to be the best replacement, delivering years of support compared to traditional leveling materials.

Soil Matters

As we mentioned before, the soil beneath your concrete will play a large role in how the slab performs over time. Keep in mind that proper soil compaction can provide the right support for more than a decade, but much beyond that, nothing can be guaranteed. The earth is in a constant state of change, from major shifts to minor settlements. Regardless of the quality of your concrete leveling repairs, factors outside of human control can often be to blame for issues ater on.

Our Poly Foam Lasts!

Before you become too anxious thinking about the possible concerns of your property’s soil profile, it can help to know that our repairs are meant to last forever. Unlike traditional concrete leveling slurries, this polyurethane foam cures within minutes into a solid state, impermeable from moisture and resistant to cracking. You can keep insects, water, and erosion away. In fact, the only real weakness this poly foam has is extended exposure to sunlight (and it is covered by your concrete 24/7). Once we complete our repairs, we rarely have to come back for follow up services to create an ideal finish.

If your slab is destined to settle in the future, then it is likely due to the soil issues mentioned above. Our concrete leveling foam is designed to last indefinitely, and should serve you for years, given the proper conditions are met. Contact us today to learn how our team creates the best material for long-term stabilization.

The Verdict: It Depends

The longevity of your concrete repairs will depend largely on the conditions of where the material is placed. If you are dealing with leaky gutters, swamped foundations, or soft backfill around the slab, you may find yourself in trouble in matter of weeks. If everything is prepared and backfilled correctly, then you likely won’t see any settlement after a decade.

The quality of your finish will depend largely on the experience and expertise of your concrete leveling contractors. Tilted Concrete Solutions focuses on integrity and professionalism every step of the way, and will provide you with accurate assessments of how long your new concrete will last. Keep in mind that we can’t promise anything, but will work hard to create a beautiful finish that will increase the safety and value of your property.

Trust Us for Long-Lasting Results!

Numerous companies have been known to offer 5-year, 10-year, and even lifetime warranties on their concrete leveling services. When you consider that many of these companies are now out of business, it’s easy to understand why quality matters in addition to a guarantee.

Tilted Concrete Solutions specializes in concrete leveling across Houston, and we’re here to provide long-lasting results with our specially formulated polyurethane foam. Unlike our competitors, we offer a two-year unconditional warranty on all of our polyjacking projects. If you notice settlement within this time frame, we’ll arrive at your property and provide the right services to restore your slab for the long haul. Our goal is to provide concrete leveling so great that it outlives the surface itself!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re in need of concrete leveling services in the Houston area, then be sure to browse our site to learn more about the quality behind our work. Tilted Concrete Solutions is fully insured and highly qualified to repair your sinking concrete. Contact us today to learn more!