How Do I Keep My Concrete From Sinking? Our Leveling Contractors Explain

Dec 17, 2018 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Concrete settlement is a common problem across Texas, causing a lot of anxiety and financial stress for many home and business owners. In many cases, property owners cite fear of repair costs as the top reason for putting off services. If you are concerned about the integrity of your beautiful new slabs, there are several tasks that can help to prevent unwanted corrosion, washout, and soil displacement. Today, our concrete leveling company in Houston will discuss a few of these tasks to ensure you are taking every step to protect your investment.

Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to serve as your source for minimally invasive, eco-friendly, and affordable polyjacking services. Our unique approach to concrete leveling and repairs ensures that your slab is protected for the long haul, preventing the need for future services. If you are looking to level your sunken concrete, be sure to contact our concrete repair contractors today for immediate assistance!

Direct Rainwater Away From Your Slabs

One of the easiest ways for Texas homeowners to protect their concrete surfaces from soil erosion and settlement is to place their downspouts in a way that directs excess moisture away from the area. Gutters and downspouts that fail to transport stormwater away from the building can lead to washout, leaving your concrete surfaces open to cracking and sinking. When the next rainstorm comes to town, be sure to inspect your gutters and spouts to ensure rainwater is being effectively rerouted away from your concrete.

Focus On Water Runoff Issues

While the downspouts on your home or business can help to keep rainwater flowing safely outward, moisture and pooling are still possible along the edges of your slab. Our concrete-leveling specialists recommend checking the edges of your slab to ensure that water can’t pool and seep underneath. Take a few minutes to inspect the edges of your concrete, packing any open areas with nearby soil to help prevent water infiltration. When done correctly, water displacement can help to provide long-term advantages for the integrity of your concrete’s subgrade.

Keep Trees Away

One factor that can result in unexpected problems is the growth of the root system beneath the surface of your property. Root growth is spurred by warmth and moisture, both of which may result in organic infiltration of the bottom of your concrete slab. Maturing trees and shrubs can create a host of problems, so be sure to keep an eye out for raising and settling concrete near your plantlife!

Seal Joints and Cracks

Concrete joints are advantageous because they allow room for shrinkage and expansion, reducing the pressure and subsequent cracks across the surface of your driveway, garage, patio, or sidewalk. Hot, dry spells that are disrupted by cold gusts of rainwater can combine to create considerable strain on your cured concrete, and if your slab is riddled with deep joints or excessive cracks, then any existing problems can worsen.

Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to provide peace of mind for your sinking slab, and our concrete leveling pros in Houston are ready to help you achieve a smooth, seamless outcome. Contact us to learn more about our innovative polyurethane concrete leveling compound!

Level Any Uneven Surfaces

One fact about sinking concrete is that it will only get worse with time! If you have noticed an area on your driveway or sidewalk that is beginning to break down and sink, we recommend being proactive to minimize the repair cost and long-term concerns. Cracked cementitious services do little to keep H2O out, as water will find the path of least resistance. Oftentimes, rainwater will seep through the cracks in your slab and infiltrate the subgrade beneath, causing future problems. Instead of leaving your beautiful slab open to expansive damages and costly repairs, we recommend seeking out the help of a professional concrete repair company!

Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to deliver just as our name promises. Our team specializes in delivering amazing results with our concrete-leveling services across Houston, relying on our innovative formula to provide long-lasting support for your slabs. Our unique polyjacking approach is manufactured with Texas’ specific soil content in mind, reducing any adverse reactions commonly found with generic mudjacking materials. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable and eco-friendly solution for sinking concrete, and be sure to ask us for an accurate estimate for your property!