Before Spring Comes, Rely On Our Concrete Leveling For Your Pool

Dec 2, 2019 | Concrete Leveling Houston

Winter is in full swing here in Texas, which means that your swimming pool is likely closed down for the season. If you’ve noticed that your pool or deck is sinking, now may be the perfect time to consider concrete leveling repairs for a fast and effective solution. Tilted Concrete Solutions of Houston is here to provide industry-leading concrete leveling services to customers in need, delivering ideal results without the long downtime or high costs. Our company was started to provide a smart alternative to traditional mudjacking repairs, deploying experienced professionals and reliable services to set a high industry standard.

We understand that raising a sinking swimming pool can sound like an intimidating process, which is why our team is ready to walk you through the process to highlight how simple and effective it can be. Keep reading to learn more about our pool leveling services, and be sure to request your free estimate today!

Is Your Swimming Pool Sinking?

The cause of your sinking swimming pool may be attributed to a number of things. Pools are subjected to heavy weights throughout the year, placing considerable strain on the native soils beneath (remember that water is just over eight pounds per gallon and concrete can weigh near 150 pounds per cubic foot!). An additional concern comes from water penetration into the soil, increasing saturation and allowing for additional settlement. Small differences in the subsurface may cause unequal sinking, where one side of the pool moves independently of the other. This process can create serious concerns when it comes to keeping your pool sealed from leakage and preventing additional water problems.

Unfortunately, problems like this only worsen over time. Tilted Concrete Solutions recommends taking a proactive approach to addressing sinking pools to minimize the damage and subsequent repair costs. Learn more about our pool lifting services to see how fast and effective our concrete leveling can be!

Is Your Pool Deck Sinking?

Uneven pool decks can be unsettling. Tripping dangers can be serious, and gaps in the surface can expose the already-compromised soils beneath to further destabilization. As hollow spots begin to form, pop-ups start to appear across the surface, marring your pool deck’s beauty with sunken slabs and chipped surfaces. Over time, this problem will also worsen, affecting the beauty and integrity of your pool’s walking surfaces.

Whether your pool deck has barely begun to sink or it’s dropped a foot, our concrete repair specialists can get to work. You’ll love how fast our services are, and you’ll definitely love the results!

Why Rely on Concrete Leveling to Repair Your Pool?

Many Texas homeowners inquire into whether or not concrete leveling is worth it compared to traditional replacement methods. Tilted Concrete Solutions is happy to show that our services are well worth the investment. There are many benefits associated with concrete leveling:

  • Affordable — Compared to the cost of replacing your pool deck, you can expect to cut your expenditure by more than half. 
  • Fast finishes — Our polyurethane foam cures fast, forming into an inert substance in about 15 minutes, with 90% rigidity within 30 minutes. This will minimize the downtime you can expect for your pool repairs.
  • Locally sourced — Texas is known for its complex and often volatile soil profile. Unlike our competitors, which rely on a generic one-size-fits-all material for concrete lifting, our company utilizes local foam designed to generate the best results for local soil.
  • Waterproof — Unlike mudjacking, which relies on traditional mortar materials that are prone to moisture problems, our foam is waterproof. This helps to reduce erosion risks and deliver you peace of mind year after year.
  • Minimally invasive — You take pride in the appearance of your swimming pool. Our concrete repair company in Houston can achieve a quality finish with smaller and fewer injection holes, retaining your pool deck surface’s visual appeal.
  • Safe outcomes — Our material is safe and eco-friendly, allowing you to utilize your swimming pool without worry of what is seeping through the soil. 
  • Reliable results — The strength and stability of our polyurethane foam combined with the expertise of Tilted Concrete Solutions creates an ideal outcome for your property. Compared to other concrete level solutions, which may produce repump rates as high as 15% or more, our services result in the lowest rates (less than 1%).

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If your property is ailing from a sinking swimming pool, sidewalk, driveway, or interior slab, now is the perfect time to consider repairs. Tilted Concrete Solutions specializes in concrete leveling across Houston, and we’re confident that we can provide an exceptional result for your needs. Be sure to check out our before & after gallery to see a few quality outcomes, and contact us online to inquire about your sinking concrete. We look forward to working with you!