Commercial Property Manager Responsibilities For Sinking And Settling Concrete

Feb 16, 2021 | Blog, Concrete Leveling Houston

Property owners should be able to rest easy after hiring a premier property management company and a professional manager. That’s the whole point of having a property manager on site, right? It’s extremely important to keep up with and keep track of what services are included in each property’s contracts. You should try to personalize what services your owners need against what your company can provide and at what cost. There are some services, like concrete maintenance and water drainage and runoff that don’t always come standard in basic management contracts. It’s important to follow through will each and every one of your property manager responsibilities! Make sure your property owners know that and ask if those services are important to their business or businesses.

Concrete leveling includes much more than what many people consider to be standard services. Cracks in residential sidewalks and uneven driveways are just a few of the numerous concrete leveling needs that Tilted Concrete can help you with. If you own a business or any commercial properties, Tilted Concrete Solutions provides expert commercial concrete lifting services to many townships in the greater Houston area including Pearland, Richmond, Roseberg, Missouri City, Lake Jackson, Alvin, Stafford 

Run Down Concrete Slabs On Commercial Lots Aren’t Good For Business

Commercial property concrete sinks just as much, if not more than that of residential concrete. We’ve all gone to a grocery store that appears relatively “run down” almost entirely because concrete slabs in the parking lot are extremely aged and torn up. Another common example is the stress and damage a huge load can do to the strength and durability of commercial concrete slabs. Warehouses with interior slabs, some holding thousands of tons of inventory or equipment over their lifetime, will not hold up forever. The extreme weight will take its toll on whatever surface you have holding such heavy weights, especially if there are significant voids in the soil beneath your concrete slabs. 

The bearing capacity of your commercial concrete slabs should be calculated and followed carefully, but eventually they are going to wear and break down. Just think about the thousands of semi-trucks that drive through Houston’s loading docks daily and how much stress those constantly moving monsters put on even the thickest and most heavily reinforced concrete surface. Whether you’re in Freeport or Pearland, the soil underneath your slabs is going to settle and voids are going to need filling to continue to support the heaviest of loads coming through many warehouses or other commercial industrial locations.

Make sure your commercial property is protected correctly from the hazards and eyesores of uneven and sunken concrete. If you have uneven or cracked concrete, get it fixed today before it becomes a more serious and costly problem. Tilted Concrete is available for all your concrete leveling and repair needs in the greater Houston area. Our great customer service, accurate pump rates, and speedy timelines will have you wondering why you hadn’t called us earlier. 

Owners Are Accountable For Injuries On Lot

Some property managers may not see tripping hazards formed by uneven driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, decks, or parking lots as significant risk factors. Studies, however, tell a different story. Trips, slips, and falls account for millions of injuries a year. These millions of occurrences also account for billions of dollars in legal fees annually. Litigation and lawyers are expensive! Don’t get blindsided by an easily avoidable legal scenario. A trip or fall could end up costing management companies and property owners big time. As a manager, these are important details to know, as well as make clear to the property owner. Make sure your management company deals with these risks accordingly.

Tilted Concrete, of the greater Houston area, suggests that concrete slabs are inspected regularly. This can help make sure that levels are properly maintained. If your walkways, warehouses and parking lots are looking sunken, you should be concerned about high risk tripping hazards. Make sure your management company is aware and remains proactive to keep your concrete surfaces safe.

The Best Commercial Management Companies And Managers

The top-notch commercial property management companies offer better services than the run of the mill businesses. Think about it, more services is probably why they’re charging you more, right? Things like construction and maintenance should be a key factor for the property owner when choosing a suitable management company. 

Is day to day maintenance, as well as renovation and construction services, part of what you’re paying for? If not, you may want to rethink your cheaper bargain company. Are they going to uphold your property’s appeal and value like the top-notch property management businesses. The answer may well be no! Tilted Concrete Solutions recommends that when hiring a commercial property management company, the property owner reads the fine print. Be sure to ask if these things are included in the services provided. 

  • Maintain or Increase the Bottom Line- Your management company should be concerned about keeping or increasing the value of your property. If they aren’t then you should get a good reason as to why not.
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance- These types of maintenance services should be a part of any management system. Small things that keep your property running and looking its best can also often protect the property owner from big fixes or repairs further down the line.
  • Renovation- If things get damaged or need repairs over time, some top-notch management companies take care of things like resurfacing cracks or erosion in exterior walls or re-leveling sunken concrete.

Basic Requirements Of Any Premier Property Manager

Make sure you’re giving out good value for the money your property owner is paying out for your management service. Go over all the services your contracts provide for all the properties you manage. Day to day operations, filling vacancies with the right tenants, and maximizing your rental collections are pretty standard for a property manager’s responsibilities. Scheduling preventive maintenance as well as carrying out routine maintenance are also important to consider. These will help hold or even improve the propertie’s value over time if carried out efficiently. 

Say you have a property in Galveston and your management company doesn’t provide seawall or bulkhead stabilization for your beachfront property. Who’s going to pay for and organize repair efforts after the next big storm hits and your property is in taters? Was this in the management contract? Did your manager hold up their end of the bargain to protect your property’s value? These are all important questions to ask.

Basic management responsibilities like all administrative duties and utility billings are also pretty bottom line duties that come standard. A more modern approach to management also helps you to make sure your investments continue to make you money. Maximizing the sales price of your property by analyzing everything from top to bottom is important. Also, making sure that you can continually increase the bottom line of your investment to maximize your profit is a must.

The Answer For Your Concrete Leveling And Repair Needs

Ask your property manager about the general maintenance services included in your contract with them. If concrete slab maintenance on your commercial properties’ isn’t covered, look no farther than your local experts at Tilted Concrete. We are Houston’s #1 concrete leveling solution. Everything we do is for the customer. Our Houston specific polyjacking procedure is the best answer for unlevel concrete slabs. Get a free quote today for any of our many services.