Why is Polyjacking an Effective Concrete Lifting Method?

May 13, 2018 | Cement Leveling Houston

If you live in Southeast Texas, you have probably heard the term “mudjacking” used when property owners are discussing how to lift their sinking concrete surfaces. Mudjacking is the process of pumping a mortar-based compound beneath a slab, lifting it up to its rightful position. The process can be effective, but it does have its drawbacks. Polyjacking is an affordable alternative, and at Tilted Concrete Solutions, we would love to help you discover the benefits of this innovative process. Contact our concrete levelers today for a free estimate!

What is Polyjacking?

Polyjacking is a concrete leveling method that combines the principle of mudjacking with modern-day technology and materials. Rather than using a mortar-based compound to lift sinking concrete, our team uses an eco-friendly expanding polyurethane foam. Polyjacking is an advantageous way of restoring concrete surfaces, and it is quickly becoming the go-to method of choice because of its many benefits.

Five Benefits of Our Polyjacking Services

Lightweight and Strong

Oftentimes, concrete slabs begin sinking because the soil beneath them is unstable. When attempting to lift the slab back into place, it is important not to add any more weight than is necessary to the soil. The polyurethane foam our polyjacking company uses is much lighter than traditional concrete slurries and it can uphold significant weight loads just as effectively.

Less Invasive

Traditional mudjacking involves drilling many large access holes in your concrete so the technician can inject the slurry beneath the slab. This is unsightly, and it can compromise the structural integrity of the slab. Because our polyjacking material is self-expanding foam, fewer access holes are required, and those that are necessary are much smaller.


Concrete slurry mixtures used in mudjacking can take several days to cure and harden, and they must not be walked on for this time period. This can be very inconvenient for property owners. Polyjacking is much more efficient and less inconvenient. The polyurethane foam that we use typically reaches 90-percent rigidity within 30 minutes, allowing you full access to your property.

Designed for Texas Soils

Texas soils can be very temperamental. One day they may be completely saturated, and the next, they may be dry as a bone. These rapidly changing conditions can wreak havoc on your concrete slabs. While other companies may use similar foam products, the foam we use is manufactured right here in Texas with these unique soil conditions in mind, allowing it to deliver incomparable results.

Durable and Erosion-Preventing

When you have sinking concrete slabs on your property, you want them repaired in a manner that will stand the test of time. Unlike mortar-based compounds, the foam that our polyjacking company uses is waterproof and designed to stabilize the soil, preventing erosion from occurring in the future.

Houston Polyjacking Company

At Tilted Concrete Solutions, our concrete lifting experts pride themselves on restoring beauty and function to your property. If you need concrete leveling services in Houston or the surrounding area, call us today to learn more about our polyjacking method and how it can improve the appearance and safety of your property!