Solutions for Sinking Foundations

Nov 14, 2017 | Cement Leveling Houston

Whether it is your driveway, patio, or set of stairs, sinking concrete is a very serious matter. Not only is it an unsightly tripping hazard, but concrete surfaces that have settled may seriously compromise the structural integrity of your home. Concrete that is not level leads to water drainage issues, which may, in turn, lead to foundation issues for your home. Foundation problems are a common area of concern in the Houston area, and in today’s blog, we’ll review a few warning signs of a sinking foundation and common repair methods.

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Signs of Foundation Trouble

Because it occurs so slowly over time, a sinking foundation often goes unnoticed until it has affected the structural integrity of a home if left unrepaired. There are several warning signs that your home’s foundation is settling, including:

  • Crumbling or cracking on the surface of the foundation. This may include anything from hairline fractures to complete buckling of the foundation walls and floors.
  • Signs of interior water damage on lower levels. A sunken or cracked foundation can divert water improperly, which may lead to water pooling and entering your home.
  • Warped floors and ceilings. When the foundation of a home is not level, the floor and ceiling may sag and/or buckle because of the unusual pressure being exerted on it.
  • Warped walls. When a home’s foundation has settled, the walls have more pressure than normal on them. This can cause cracking, buckling, and crumbling.
  • Sticky or loose doors and windows. As the walls compensate for a sinking foundation, the doors and windows will no longer fit properly in their openings.

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems in your home, it may be time to contact a qualified inspector or a structural engineer to pinpoint the issue with the foundation so that proper repairs can be performed.

Foundation Repair Options

Often times, a sinking foundation is due to unstable, shifting soils beneath the home or building. Naturally, most reputable foundation repairs seek to remedy the instability to restore the foundation to its proper position. There are two popular options: deep pressure grouting and pier systems.

Deep Compaction Grouting

In geographic regions with a high water table, such as the Houston area, it is not uncommon for large voids to form deep beneath the surface of the ground due to shifting soils and subsurface water. Unfortunately, these voids can lead to your home’s foundation sinking and settling. Pressure grouting, also called deep compaction grouting, precisely fills these deep voids with cement or a chemical grout in order to stabilize and strengthen the surrounding soil. This type of foundation repair is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, however, as you might imagine, there is specialized equipment and expertise required with this type of foundation repair.

Pier Systems

When appropriate, a structural engineer may recommend that a pier system be used to stabilize a foundation that is settling. This type of foundation repair may be called “underpinning” and relies on a various types of steel piers to support the home properly. Types of piers may include:

  • Push piers. This type of support is most beneficial when soil conditions are unknown and provide the best opportunity to lift a home back to its original position.
  • Helical piers. These piers are very versatile and may be most beneficial for lifting lighter slabs such as decks and stairs.
  • Slab piers. This is a type of push pier that is capable of extending far beneath the surface to reach stable bedrock or soil.

In order to determine which type of pier system is best for your unique situation, you’ll need to consult with a reputable foundation repair contractor.

Concrete Leveling in Houston

Many homeowners wonder how they can prevent foundation problems in the first place. One of the best things you can do for your foundation is ensure that water is properly draining away from your home. This may mean that your sunken driveway, patio, or other surface needs attention. For superior concrete leveling in the Houston area, contact the friendly team at Tilted Concrete Solutions today. We’ll gladly come to your home and complete an inspection to provide you with a no-cost estimate with our recommendations. To learn more about our innovative process, click here, then call us today!