Is Your Pool Deck Ready for Summer?

Feb 19, 2018 | Cement Leveling Houston

Believe it or not, the longer days of spring and summer are just around the corner for southeast Texas. Homeowners across the state are counting down the days until they can spend more time outdoors with family and friends, relaxing in the sun. If you own a pool, you know the excitement that comes with the first time you use it for the season. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, this excitement quickly turns to dismay as they discover that their pool deck has suffered damage over the winter months. The experienced team at Tilted Concrete Solutions is here to provide concrete lifting services for all of your surfaces, including pool decks. Call us to learn more, or request your free estimate online!

In today’s post, we’ll review some of the most common causes of pool deck damage, the dangers of uneven pool decks, and some possible repair options. Read on to learn more!

Pool Deck Problems 101

Causes of Pool Deck Settling

Like any other concrete surface, pool decks are only as stable as the soil beneath them. There are many factors that can affect the integrity of soil, but there are three common reasons why the soils in Texas experience problems: washout or erosion, improper moisture content, and poor compaction. When water is allowed to penetrate the soil beneath a concrete slab, this can be a recipe for disaster as small particles of dirt and rock are washed away as the saturation subsides. The soil that remains is usually more compact, leaving more empty space around it, and this can lead to settling. Likewise, pool decks that rest upon poorly compacted ground may be too heavy for the loose soil to support, leading to cracking and sinking sections of the deck.

Dangers of Uneven Pool Decks

Aside from being unattractive, there are real dangers that can be associated with uneven surfaces surrounding your pool. Prompt pool deck repair is essential to prevent friends and family from tripping over the uneven surface. In addition to presenting a safety hazard to your guests, sunken pool decks often result in jagged, sharp edges that can puncture vinyl pool liners. The worst threat of all, however, is that the entire pool itself may begin to sink if the surrounding soil can no longer support its filled weight. Although most homeowners don’t like to think about the downtime that comes with pool repairs, putting them off for too long can result in more costly and time-consuming repairs down the road.

How to Repair Sunken Pool Decks

If you have suspicions that the integrity of the soil beneath your pool deck has been compromised, you might wonder how to best resolve the issue. In some cases when the pool deck is severely damaged, it may be necessary to tear it out, address the compaction issue below, and repour a new deck. More often than not, however, the deck is salvageable. Some homeowners choose to go the route of traditional mudjacking, but this is often an invasive repair that comes with long cure times and adds additional weight to soil that already has instability issues. Polyjacking is a concrete lifting solution that is similar to mudjacking, and it offers a minimally invasive repair process, lightweight, eco-friendly materials, and long-lasting results.

Houston Concrete Lifting Specialists

Are you a Houston resident who has discovered that your pool deck has cracks or has begun settling? If so, the concrete lifting experts at Tilted Concrete Solutions are here for you. We offer innovative concrete leveling with an expanding polyurethane foam that is manufactured right here in Texas. Because it is designed with our unique soil composition in mind, you can rest assured that it is the most customized solution available for your sinking pool deck. Don’t wait until summer, call us now to receive a free estimate for our services!