Bulkhead And Seawall Repairs Required After Harsh Hurricane Season

Oct 8, 2020 | Blog, Seasonal

Laura Leaves Texas Coastland Drained

This season has not been kind to Galveston’s bulkheads and seawalls. Hurricane Laura and multiple tropical storms battered the Texas coast late this summer with an unrelenting barrage of seasonal weather. Unfortunately, with Hurricane Delta in route to the Gulf, more damage could be on the way. Although the area is no stranger to getting hurricane damage dealt, many areas and individuals are struggling to make proper repairs in a tough economic environment. Some methods can be updated to make sure you’re getting a premium repair at a reasonable price. If you’ve been using fill dirt to stabilize your Seawall, Tilted Concrete Solutions has a better solution for you. Contact Tilted Concrete for a quote on Bulkhead and Seawall Repairs today.

Don’t Let Your Bulkhead Or Seawall Fall Prey To More Damage

Being a property owner in inhospitable economic conditions can be extremely stressful and having additional costs for storm damage from a rough season can add insult to injury. But leaving the job undone will almost certainly cost more in the long run. Damages can include cracks and gaps in your bulkhead or seawall, sinking pathways, parking lots, and uneven steps. Liability concerns can also arise when portions of your property become unsafe due to shifting or sinking soil. When all is said and done, we all just want a better solution to a recurring problem. Polyurethane injection is the best solution for a more long-term fix to a pesky yearly issue. Protect your property and the people who operate on it with Tilted Concrete!

Bulkhead Sealing Plays A Major Role In The Impact A Storm Has On A Seawall’s Stability

Deciding to seal your bulkheads, rather than putting it off for another time, may just be one of the best decisions you make this year. Bulkhead sealing, done properly, is your best weapon in combating soil erosion and without a properly done seal, erosion is inevitable. A Property’s seawall destabilization can be devastating to not only to land value but the stability of surrounding structures as well. A Hurricane or Tropical Storm can be catastrophic but doesn’t have to end up causing an even bigger disaster to your wallet. Fix the problem immediately. Contact us for a free quote and get going on your bulkhead and seawall repairs today.

Mudjacking Just Doesn’t Hold Up

The slurry used in mudjacking consists of cement, sand, and water. This material cures to a hard finish, but like other forms of concrete, is susceptible to moisture damage. If your mudjacking is subjected to water after repairs are made, then you may find yourself in a similar predicament in the near future. 

Polyurethane foam has gained ground in recent years. Not only this, but Tilted Concrete’s foam is a proprietary blend and implemented using industry-leading techniques. Polyjacking is the best replacement in Houston compared to traditional leveling materials.

Our Polyurethane Foam Is Meant To Last Longer

Polyurethane foam expands to fill voids, providing better fills, and improved results. Our formula will mix with the native soils beneath your slab and gain strength and stability as a result. Our specific concrete leveling and bulkhead sealing processes are intended to give you peace of mind for the foreseeable future. With our industry-leading, unconditional warranty, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your seawall stabilization and bulkhead seal will last. Make sure your Bulkhead and Seawall repairs are done with Tilted Concrete.