Best Concrete Expansion Joint Material And Maintenance For The Houston Area

Oct 11, 2021 | Blog, Driveway Leveling, Leveling Sinking Concrete Houston

One of the most important, yet overlooked, parts of maintaining optimal levels and structural integrity of your concrete slab surfaces is making sure your expansion joints are properly maintained and filled. Believe it or not, your concrete is constantly expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature. This occurs daily with the temperatures from day to night often swinging up to 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

During colder months, like the ones soon approaching, concrete slabs making up driveways and sidewalks are likely slightly smaller than in hotter months of the year. These constant changes and wide ranges translate to spaces forming in between slabs over time. Those spaces left unchecked could be the difference between having to level your concrete surfaces once every decade vs once every few years.

Expansion joint filler is used to seal those slabs to prevent water penetrating down into foundational soil below. If this occurs regularly with high volumes of water, voids are likely to form, causing those concrete slabs to sink, which in turn further deteriorates the expansion joints as well. Make sure you’re getting the best filler available with Tilted Concrete Solutions. Our silicone caulk expansion joint filler is safe, durable and long lasting, especially in the harsh Houston environment.

Sealing Vs Expansion Joint Replacement

Putting a sealer on your concrete is great for looks and the longevity of your concrete, but in reality, it just doesn’t keep the water out. The fact of the matter is that the expansion joints are where water tends to seep into the ground and cause water saturation of the soil. That means that you could have a great sealer over your whole entire driveway or other concrete surface, but those slabs are eventually going to contract, shift or sink and cause spaces to form in between. 

SealersExpansion Joint Filler
Looks niceProtects from voids forming
Protects from sun damageKeeps water from getting under your slabs
Protects against salt damagePrevents acceleration of sinking and settling 
Can prevent surface cracksDelays need for concrete leveling or re-pour

Although this constant process of expansion and contraction is extremely common, many people are unaware that expansion joints in between concrete slabs need to be maintained and filled to guarantee the deterioration of your concrete surfaces isn’t accelerated. Make sure that water isn’t getting underneath your slabs. Call Tilted concrete and schedule an inspection so that we can help you maintain your property and structures properly.

Expansion joint filler successfully sealing the driveway

Driveway Expansion Joints

It’s no secret that driveways take a beating over the course of a normal day. Driving cars up and down the concrete driveway slabs may seem like the main culprit, but Houston heat, humidity, heavy rains and temperature fluctuations are what will do the brunt of the damage in the long run. The more of this your driveway experiences, the worse off the condition of the driveway will be as time goes on. That is even more true if the expansion joints in between your concrete driveway slabs are allowing for water to work its way underneath. 

Sinking and settling, along with void creating and expansion are much more likely to occur when groundwater is present underneath your concrete  driveway slabs.

Sidewalk Expansion Joints

People walking or riding bikes over sidewalks aren’t really all that damaging to concrete sidewalk slabs. What really get sidewalks or walkways looking out of shape are settling and sinking caused by voids forming from water runoff and groundwater, or roots displacing and lifting from underneath. 

That movement and displacement means the joints between slabs are opening up and allowing for even more water to seep into the soil and create even more movement and shifting. This can be an ongoing problem that continues to worsen if expansion joints aren’t properly filled and maintained over time.

Tilted Concrete Joint Filler Is Perfect For Houston Conditions

Tilted Concrete Solutions specializes in leveling your concrete slabs after sinking, settling and other forms of displacement have already occurred. We also provide plenty of preventative measures and information to potential or past customers. That way, when you do need our services, you can rest assured that we are on your side in trying to aid in the process of keeping your concrete surfaces at their best.

We are here to help you and your property. If you have any questions or feel like you could benefit from our expansion joint services, give us a call and we can give you an estimate. Furthermore, if our services are needed, rest easy knowing that concrete leveling services come with an industry leading two year warranty which just can’t be found elsewhere. You know you’re getting the best from Tilted Concrete Solutions. Our work speaks for itself. We get it done right the first time so that you wont need additional services for years to come.